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Success In eCommerce: Driving Traffic to Your Website

exclusive-business-bIn today’s Web competitive markets, knowing how to drive traffic to your website is crucial. When it comes to article marketing, you first have to have a subject matter your readers want to know about. If you mistakenly believe all that matters is your link back to your site; contained within the author’s resource box (for SEO, and site promotion) then you are missing the main value found in  article marketing.

Sure, getting an article ranked well in Google search will drive traffic back to your homepage. Link juice for (SEO) is also a huge plus; when authority sites publish your content. However, the real advantage comes from having more and more eyes on your page due to the high rate of articles that readers republish, sites offering syndication, and other behind the scene issues such as: (backlinks and incoming links).

Content is still king when it comes to competition in the eCommerce world. Since the latest Google Penguin and Google Panda updates, having clear, concise, and relevant information is imperative to getting a good Page Rank.

Hiring a SEO Web copy specialist for your articles and content is a good idea to acquire an edge in eCommerce. You may be a great writer, but knowing how to get a great Page Rank in Google search is a completely different ball game. Too many keywords can result in penalties and keyword “stuffing” can even result in having your site “blacklisted” or removed entirely.

The days of outsourcing your content to third world countries for $5 to $6 an article are over. Sure, you can still get them done; but, they do your site much more harm than good because Google will list such content so far down in the rankings; they become lost in cyberspace. It is a certainty: poorly written content will not rank well.

Having your business website linked to such drivel is detrimental to good business practice. Let us take a quick look at the overall picture, and see what we can take away from this article to help your own business.

Help your visitors have a good experience with your website and you stand a far greater chance of winning their trust. Therefore, No. 1 on your list should be SEO-friendly content that ranks well in search. Relevant, insightful articles are what readers want to find, and this builds up your credibility.

Studies have shown more than 89 percent of people who entered keywords to search online; (especially those on mobile, or Smartphones) were looking for products or services. This fact alone shows the importance of choosing the right keywords to optimize on your website. People do not want to enter ‘pets toy’ into search only to find pictures of pedigrees.

Studies have also shown that using long-tail keywords is a wise choice when choosing which keywords you want to rank. Besides the most obvious, if you want people to view you as an expert in your field, then let (search engine optimization) professional writers create your content.

The more exposure your website gets, the more money you will make. This is especially true for those who hold a first page listing in Google search. Every site listed on the first page of Google search (for their target keywords) attain huge advantages over their competitors.

Those holding such good placement (the first three listings in Google search for their chosen keywords) show exceptional growth compared to their peers. Most often, other countries that are just starting a business in eCommerce will target the English-speaking markets first.

Australian, or Chinese retailers can compete for the American dollar (or any other currency) on the Web if they have learned proper SEO, site promotion tactics, and other Web-savvy sales techniques. Still, it is somewhat harder to rank well when there are too many niche competitors.

It can be done but it is tougher to do in certain highly-saturated niche markets such as China Store. The keywords China store displays 153 million search results listings, yet this retailer enjoys the third listing on the first page of Google search.

In super-saturated markets such as mortgage and property retailers, it is common to see search result listings soar well into the billions. Only well-established deep pocket marketers may enjoy the first page listing in these venues. (Unless, the one searching has set his search parameters to display local listings first.)

Anyone can throw a Website up and say they have a business in e-commerce. Only those who use professionally written content will find success. So many people have been taken by unscrupulous dealers using spoofed, fake or stolen websites, so to expect people to do business with you without first checking your information, is unrealistic.

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