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Engage Your Facebook Fans With Custom Tabs

exclusive-social-bA lot of the large, well-known brands have custom landing tabs on their Facebook pages, and these are usually ideal for people who haven’t liked the business on Facebook yet and are looking to learn more about them.

What exactly are custom tabs? Custom landing tabs are the different sections under your cover photo, and almost every Facebook page has a few. It’s the area that typically has a ‘photos’ page, a ‘videos’ page and a ‘likes’ page, where users can click through to see all of the business’s content.

You don’t have to leave your tabs in the pre-set way Facebook makes them; there are ways to customize the tabs, so your fans and potential fans have more ways to interact with your brand. If you take Coca Cola’s Facebook page, for instance, you can see they have unique, exciting tabs. If you click on the small blue dropdown arrow, you’ll be able to see all of them.

But because most people will look through these tabs if they’re trying to learn about you and gain new information, the tabs primarily target people who haven’t ‘liked’ your page — instead of the fans you already have.

I think we can all agree that every business wants to make its current customers and fan-base happy. So it’s important to be creative and think of ways you can use custom Facebook tabs to not only target potential fans, but engage the ones you already have as well.

Aim for Interactive Elements

If you’re on Facebook in the first place, you probably want to be engaging customers. Don’t just include text or occasional images; use your tabs to make the page more exciting for users.

You can do this by adding any form of media, because video has become one of the most attractive interactive elements for a lot of Internet users. Your Facebook fans might me more inclined to watch a video instead of reading an entire blog post that you link to.

Whatever you do, whether you’re adding videos, exciting images, or infographics, interactive elements will help your fans stay engaged and more likely to share your content.

Include Polls and Surveys

You can easily customize one of your tabs to be a place for your current fans to share their opinions and let their voices be heard. All customers want to share their feelings about your brand, and if you give them a space to do so, you might see an increase in engagement.

You can use a tab to create polls or surveys where Facebook fans can comment on important parts of your business, making them feel like an integral part of your company. This tactic should help both of you, if you want to hear feedback on your customers’ experience and put their ideas into action.

Insert a Photo Gallery

If you want a place to reveal certain product photos or images from company functions, customize a tab on your Facebook page, so fans can experience everything with you.

It’s important to make the photo gallery a place that conserves space, but allows your users to be active when viewing your content. Use a slideshow format so it’s more interactive and efficient for users.

Create Virtual Gifts or Interactions

If you can come up with something unique that relates to your brand, create a tab that lets your fans interact with each other. A common example is how Facebook allows users to ‘poke’ each other. If you can invent something similar for your brand, you’ll appeal to your fans’ interests while also giving yourself more exposure.

Most of your current Facebook followers will enjoy having a tab that allows them to be interactive, and it will help them feel more connected to your business.

Implement Quizzes

Another idea for a customizable tab is a quiz section that could test fans for multiple different things:

  • Most users enjoy feeling part of something as well as being challenged. Create a section that tests their knowledge of your industry. Your Facebook fans can get excited about proving how much they know about you, and it can also help encourage them to learn more.
  • Everyone also enjoys learning about themselves, but if you can create a quiz that offers fans new insights about their personalities, while also connecting them to one of your products, you’ll be making everyone happy.

For example, if you sell clothing, you could make a quiz for users to find their temperament. If they take the quiz and receive the answer of ‘Passionate,’ you could include images of some of your products that match that temperament. Tabs like this can only strengthen the relationship between you and your fans.

Make Sure Users Can Share

It’s always important to make sure your Facebook fans can share your content with their friends. People will be more interested in your brand if they know their friends are. If you include options to ‘invite friends’ or share the content on other social media sites, you’ll ensure that other individuals can hear about your business.

There are so many ways you can customize your Facebook page, and there are plenty of third-party tools that can help you do it.

If you can find creative ways to build a relationship with your Facebook fans through customizable tabs, you might notice an increase in engagement and more fans willing to share your brand with their friends.

Adrienne Erin is a social media marketing writer who loves seeing new ideas in the social marketing industry that can work for anyone from Coca Cola to Bortek Industries.

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  • Hi Adrienne, great article! I completely agree with you that customizable tabs are very nice way to stand out from the crowd and to engage fans. Cool idea regarding implementing quizzes!