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September 16, 2013

Expert Tips on Leadership from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the founder of the two famous companies Apple and Pixar, was known as an iconic business leader. He managed to reinvent the business world and he won the planet over with his astounding products, innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies.

His Eastern beliefs differentiated him from all other Western leaders, and enabled him to focus on vision and not on reality. He disrupted markets with his state-of-the-art devices and he even managed to reorganize parts of the tech and media industries. Great wisdom pushed him to think differently and see the true potential behind every technological innovation. Steve Jobs is the ultimate entrepreneur and his leadership tips are definitely worth taking into consideration.

Steve Job mentions that passion can help you change the world; so if you love to do something and you’re fond of a certain matter, don’t be afraid to put it into practice. During his whole life, he used passion to create great things, and we cannot help but to admit that he changed the world. It’s tough to come up with something new and impressive, but nothing should stop you from at least giving it a try.

Concentration is the key to success

Whiteboards helped Jobs gain control over his ideas. Whatever came to his mind was written down and shared with the rest of the team. It was an excellent way of organizing a brainstorming session and pushing his people to the limit (just think Dr. House and you’ll get the picture). Every leader should use whiteboards to motivate his team and help them come up with the most competent and useful business plan. Without focus and determination, it’s impossible to reproduce great ideas.

Be innovative

You don’t have to be a pioneer to come up with an innovative idea. For example, Jobs was concentrated on managing videos on the original Mac, but he didn’t think of music. People had to download the music and create CDs to listen to it. The drive of a Mac however, couldn’t burn a CD, and in response Jobs said “oops, I missed it.” Rather than upgrade the CD drive of the Mac, he thought of a more revolutionary system and changed the entire music industry. The name of the system was iTunes, and, together with the iPod, Steve Jobs proved that you can make mistakes as long as they can help you create something better.

Perfecting ideas

One of Steve Jobs’ best features was charisma. His arrogance, thoughtfulness, and sarcasm, also had a strong presence in his personality; but then again, we’re talking about a billionaire genius. You can’t always expect people to like you or agree with your decisions. A leader’s role is to manage a team and help it deliver results. Sweet talk almost never works, and a strong character is required in order to succeed. Try as much as you can to perfect your ideas, and don’t give up on your dreams. Just because you can’t achieve a goal from the first try doesn’t mean you’ll never make it. Have some faith.

Make improvements

Your current team is great and you’re completely satisfied with the results delivered. Still, as far as business is concerned, there’s always room for improvement. Always think of new ways to redesign your ideas. The jewel-like box made of glass for the iPod was no mistake; in the eyes of Steve Jobs, unpacking was a ritual. His idea to make the case transparent was revolutionary, and although the concept was based on a basic idea, it grew to make people wonder ‘what’s inside and how does it work?’ That’s exactly what you need to do for your business as well. Improve and always try to update your ideas, products, and services.

Nobody can tell a leader what to do, so if you break the rules you can’t get fired. Always think outside the box and do everything in your power to perfect your skills. A good leader doesn’t have time to think he’ll fail, so it’s a good idea to trust your instincts and the instincts of your team. Working with people you can trust is of the utmost importance because their ideas can help an entire company deliver excellent results.

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