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September 26, 2013

Top Four Things The Beatles Showed Us About Content Marketing

The Beatles

Content marketing has become a standard means of sharing creative and informative materials to nab your target audience.

Content marketing is by no means new. In fact, The Beatles used the basic principles of content marketing during the 1960s as a way to entice the masses to become more interested in their stage performance and music. Just like content marketing, the objective is to attract, interest and engage your audience. Here are the top four4 things The Beatles have shown us about content marketing.

Engaging the audience with the “You” principle

The Beatles is a popular band that is loved for its music and style. The band rose to fame in the 1960s and are now a legend in the music industry. The band’s strategy is one that can be likened to content management. The band’s music is known to be “you” centered  — the band members always made their audience the most important part of their music. By delivering a music that focuses on the fans, the group was able to successfully connect with their fans. Content marketing should also be “you” centered — meaning it could be important and valuable to the audience and, consequently. connecting with your audience will be easy.

Breaking up

The Beatles may be best known for the time they were together, but the band’s members were also able to successfully go out on their own as solo artists. The principle of breaking up by the band is similar to writing content. When your writing team has reached a dead end, it is all right to suggest everyone work on their own to find new ideas and inspirations. Breaking up your group is not bad and it even opens a new opportunity for each member to pursue their own creativity and make their individual ideas shine through.   

Revolutionize and create a fad

The Beatles is a band known for being highly motivated in taking a different and creative approach to get a response from its audience. In short, the band has the capacity to revolutionize the music industry with their style and music. In the same way, content marketing should be about new ideas and fresh content. Be aggressive when it comes to change, but watch how your readers respond. This allows you to find the best approach to make your content engaging. Just as The Beatles are also known for being generous by giving freebies to fans, you also should include freebies into your content marketing strategy. Freebies are always a hit and will attract the attention of new readers.

Making the old something new again

The Beatles are not afraid to re-make their music by putting a new spin on an old song. This pleases faithful, longtime fans, but also attracts new fans.

When it comes to content marketing, don’t be afraid to use videos, images, slideshows and other mediums to modernize something that has been collecting dust.

By presenting the same contents in diversified mediums, you can easily cover a wider audience.


Stacy Carter is a technology, marketing writer. She loves writing articles for netspysoftware website.