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October 1, 2013

Facebook to Share User Actions With TV Networks

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Twitter is not the only social network seeking to cash in on the lucrative television industry.

Facebook is joining its social networking rival in offering real-time feedback on major network television shows in a bid to convert users’ likes and comments into advertising revenue, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Facebook on Monday began providing new data to CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC — the four largest television networks in the U.S., as well as a few other select partners, Facebook officials told the WSJ.

Facebook will share data detailing the “actions” its members take on the site such as likes, comments and shares pertaining to a particular television episode, the publication reported. The data would be used to better target advertising.

Twitter has beat Facebook to the punch, however — the social microblogging site has for some time provided data to networks on how their shows and ratings are being impacted by tweets.

Nielsen Research revealed last month that Twitter has a direct impact on TV viewership.

After analyzing 221 broadcast primetime program episodes, Nielsen found that 29 percent of these shows received “significantly” more viewership due to a large volume of tweets. The study also revealed that 48 percent of the episodes “had a statistically significant impact in related tweets.”

Facebook is pushing the idea that its site also has a significant impact on ratings.

According to the WSJ, the social network has plans to add more data, including how many people saw a particular activity related to a show.