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October 23, 2013

10 Effective Ways to Create Passive Income

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In the process of researching different ways to generate passive income online, you will find several surprises. There are many sites out there that promise a secret formula to make money online and become a millionaire. They even sell books or access to a course that teaches how to earn easy money.  Passive income business ideas to generate income online are at your disposal.

In case you’ve already encountered one of these places, be careful and take good care of your money. Nothing in life is free and, while it is possible to earn money online, it is not quick or easy. Earning money online takes time, effort and dedication, but it is possible. Below are 10 interesting options:

Writing articles for sites that share advertising revenue 

Many people create content for such sites, making them highly relevant and easily found on Google. The owners of these sites get a lot of publicity and share the profits with the writers depending on the number of articles published and the relevance of the pieces.

Affiliate marketing, PPC (Pay per click), and specialized websites 

Promote other people’s products in exchange for a commission when you refer to a buyer. Consider having your own site or sites with content aimed at a specific audience. These sites can either have advertising or promote products aimed specifically at the target audience — those who are willing to buy or to click on ads.

Webinar marketing (information products) 

Webinars are video conferences broadcast on the Internet in which, generally, there is a person or persons exhibiting certain items for free. Typically, webinar offer valuable information for free. At the end of the video, the public is then given the chance to purchase a product or course offering in-depth information on the topics mentioned in the webinar.

Blogging (create authority, advice, products, classes) 

Create a blog on a topic of interest and actively work to gain an audience with similar interests. With the passage of time, if you establish yourself as an expert in your field and offer quality content, your readers will be willing to buy products such as eBooks or courses via your site.

Sell ​​photos 

If you like photography, put your images up for sale on sites like Fotolia, ShutterStock, iStockphoto and Dreamstime.

Sell ​​eBooks 

If you are an expert in a subject, or are willing to become an expert, you can put your knowledge into an eBook (electronic book) and put it for sale on your website or on other platforms such as Kindle, Nook, iBooks, or Snippet.

Sell ​​Apps for Smartphones 

You can create them or hire a developer of such mobile applications. You can make money either by selling them or try offering them free alongside an ad. You earn money every time someone clicks on the ad. Keep in mind that this type of business needs support and there are many types of Smartphones. This business is on the line between a passive income and active income.


Just like with apps, you can create and sell software for a fixed price or access to it for a monthly fee.

Videos on YouTube 

If you have quality original content on YouTube, you can monetize your videos by authorizing YouTube to pair advertisements with your clips. YouTube will pay you every time someone clicks on the ads.

Membership sites or communities payment

These go hand-in-hand with blogging. Instead of selling a book you can sell access to a password-protected website that offers text, audio and video content that teaches on a particular topic. You can grant access to this site in return for a fixed fee or a monthly fee. Generally these sites create a close-knit community of members and have a forum where members can interact and add value to the site.


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