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November 6, 2013

Yahoo’s Mayer Looking to Recruit Host to the Stars Ryan Seacrest

Photo by Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a public event.

CEO Marissa Mayer is not afraid to go after major celebrities in a bid to make Yahoo the site of choice for Internet users.

First Mayer was in talks with TV news personality Katie Couric about having her own Web interview show on Yahoo’s home page, now she is apparently going after popular entertainment host Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

A source told Tech Crunch Mayer is discussing “interesting business opportunities” with Seacrest’s production company.

The sources said any type of partnership would be to create original content, although it is not known if it will be written or video.

Neither Yahoo nor Seacrest’s spokesperson would comment on the rumors.

Nothing new has been reported on the Couric front either since rumors of a possible partnership broke in August.

A number of sources inside Yahoo told All Things D that Mayer’s new goal is to enhance the site’s media efforts and ABC’s Couric is a big part of that.

If the deal becomes a reality, sources said, Couric would interview high-profile celebrities exclusively for the Web on Yahoo’s homepage. The sources also said ABC “would need to reach agreements about the scope of her role on Yahoo, and balance them with her obligations to ABC.”

Couric is the host of ABC’s ‘Katie,’ which debuted for its second season Sept. 9. She is best known for her longtime role on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ and, more recently, as news anchor for CBS.

Mayer has also successfully recruited well-known New York Times technology writer David Pogue to help build a new consumer-tech site.