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Can Higher Education in SEO Help You be a Perfect SEO Strategist?

SEO as a learning stream in colleges has yet to be fully developed. That is the reason why you will not find colleges offering full-time programs on this subject. The few colleges that do teach SEO offer only a brief course and that is usually in addition to a major in IT or computer sciences.

The importance of SEO, however, cannot be stressed enough — businesses need websites to promote their products and services and stay ahead of their competitors.

The Need for SEO Education

As a business owner, you, no doubt, are deeply concerned with promoting your website. Promoting often means being found on the first page of search engine results, though that is not an end in itself. Search engines have their own set of shortcomings and, whether you like it not, you will have to be content with what they are. There are many intricacies to SEO and they keep changing. Even a few months off from SEO can leave you out of touch with the online world.

The advantage of a good education in SEO is being knowledgeable in the basics. SEO, however, is a never ending endeavor because it is ever changing. The more time you spend learning from others, the better you will be equipped to meet the challenges posed by search engines.

Benefits of SEO Education

The benefits of SEO education are multifarious. You don’t have to be an intense practitioner to benefit from SEO education. When you have a good grounding, you will be able to tell your webmaster or your website maintenance company what you want or don’t want, more confidently.

SEO Education Providers

The Internet has its own set of woes. And with different teaching solutions in different subject areas, SEO cannot stay far behind. When you make a search for SEO training programs you will see hundreds and thousands of providers; that can be really confusing, because, a good number of these websites border on scams. Try doing some research yourself.

Here are some SEO education websites you can consider:

Bruce Clay SEO Training is one of the better known places frequented by learners. The principal objectives behind the training programs are to provide learners the means to reinvent their websites and take them higher up the ladder of search engine ranking. Behind the training program is the 17 years of experience of Bruce Clay. Clay was instrumental in taking many websites to the forefront of search engine results. He has done extensive research, the benefits of which he brings out in his program.

As part of his program’s curriculum he includes ideas and tricks you will not find elsewhere. Interestingly, his methods of teaching include technologies that are very recent, and strategies that you can include in your own environment. He also lays a lot of emphasis on making practical use of social media. Link building is yet another core area of his teaching.

You don’t have to be an expert or an advanced learner to follow his lessons. Even if you are new to SEO and have no footing on the topic, you will be able to follow his teachings. His lessons are split up over 4.5 days and at the end you receive a certification. You will also get a one-year free subscription of SEOToolSet®. Click here to learn more about joining his program.

SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) is yet another place that webmasters frequent to keep themselves abreast of the new trends in SEO techniques. At SEMPO, webinars are the teaching method of choice. There are programs after programs year-round and you can subscribe to as many as you want. In addition to the great lessons, there is a huge repository of resources that SEO practitioners will not want to miss.

Generally, the webinars are ideal to top up your existing skills. The core area concentrated on is Google Analytics which is crucial for aspiring SEOs considering the clout the search engine has acquired during the past decade.

Prominent SEO personalities lined up for this year’s webinars include Eric Enge, Bill Hunt and Chris Bogg. Bogg is also the president of SEMPO. Webinars aside, SEMPO also conducts a five-week program that many aspiring SEO specialists take. You get a certification at the end of the program, which is widely recognized and appreciated by employers worldwide. Click here to sign up for SEMPO webinars or a training course.

If what you want is precise training and have some SEO experience, then, Moz Academy is for you. Moz is not a college, though the name sounds like one. Moz programs will make you an ideal SEO strategist. The two core areas in which it concentrates are link building and social media. Branding and content marketing are also covered.

SEO is an emerging field of education and is yet to take a firm footing as a branch of academic learning. In SEO, change is constant and, therefore, you have to update regularly. It is not a one-time effort — you must be prepared to update on a regular basis.

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