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November 25, 2013

Facebook Still A Digital Destination of Choice for Teens: Sandberg

Facebook image — Sheryl Sandberg interviewed on CNBC.

Despite concerns to the contrary, Facebook is still popular with the teen set, says the social network’s chief operating officer.

Sheryl Sandberg told AllThingsD during a recent interview that a comment made by Facebook’s chief financial officer David Ebersman a few weeks ago has been “blown out of proportion.”

During Facebook’s traditional earnings call with analysts at the end of last month, Ebersman made the following statement: “Our best analysis on youth engagement in the U.S. reveals that usage of Facebook among U.S. teens overall was stable from Q2 to Q3, but we did see a decrease in daily users, especially among younger teens.”

Sandberg told AllThingsD use by American teenagers remains stable.

“The vast majority of U.S. teens are on Facebook,” she said. “And the majority of U.S. teens use Facebook almost every day.”

Sandberg did say, however, that the social media site does have one challenge to address: its age.

Facebook is now 10 years old, meaning “we’re not the newest. And often, particularly in our space, newer things are shinier and cooler,” Sandberg was quoted by AllThingsD.

Being cool or new is all well and good, Sandberg said, but stressed it is most important to be useful. She added that Facebook remains a useful tool for teens.

Facebook had a blockbuster third quarter, hauling in a whopping $2.02 billion in revenue — a 60 percent increase over the same quarter last year — but fears of a waning interest in the site with the younger set has shareholders worried and even caused the social network’s stock to dip Oct. 31, despite its massive earnings.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.