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November 27, 2013

Four Reasons to Give Thanks for Today’s Content Marketing Trends

No matter which corner of the Web you head to, you’re going to find someone talking about the power of content marketing.  I think it’s fair to say that content marketing is THE marketing trend of 2013, and that’s great news for your business.

In fact, there are four reasons you need to give thanks for today’s content marketing trends:

1.  Your personality has endless chances to shine through

Everyone likes to wander into a store and be greeted by a friendly, helpful employee who really knows what he’s talking about.  However, the Web doesn’t allow this kind of interaction.  Instead, the only chance you get to talk to your customers is through your Web content.

Isn’t it a good thing, then, that your content marketing strategy can be as creative and unique as you are?

As content marketing has become more of a buzz term, we’ve seen more chances to shine pop up.  For example, guest posting is so common now that you’ll be hard-pressed NOT to find great opportunities, no matter what niche you’re in.  A few years ago — back before content marketing became all the rage — those opportunities weren’t nearly as plentiful.  But now that website owners understand just how important it is to have a never-ending stream of quality content, they’re much more likely to let expert authors share their insights.

Whether you love publishing witty blog posts, enjoy coming up with article topics that analyze the latest developments in your industry, or like giving your customers a chance to see and hear you through a creative video, your personality gets to shine.  If you’re an honest, decent, expert, you’ll have countless chances to prove it.

2.  The only stuffing you have to deal with is on the dinner table

Remember the not-so-good ol’ days when the trendy thing was to shove as many keywords into your Web content as you could? Oh sure, the stuff you published looked like it was written by Yoda, but the search engines supposedly liked it!

Thank goodness those days are gone!

Google has spoken out against keyword stuffing for years, but when Penguin came out, its algorithm officially became smart enough to recognize — and penalize — keyword stuffers. So, as you update your blog, look for guest posting opportunities, or craft new sales copy, be thankful that the only place you’re going to deal with stuffing these days is on your dinner table!

3.  You don’t have to be fluent in robot-speak

If you talked to any SEO expert a few years ago, you heard that your source code played a huge role in the amount of traffic your website received.  If the code wasn’t just right, Google would hate you forever and refuse to send you any traffic.  (OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but SEO types DID speak ad nauseum about source code!)

Isn’t it nice that your marketing efforts can actually focus on real words now, instead of a bunch of code? Now, the emphasis is on publishing content that readers like and can learn from.  So, the next time you’re brainstorming creative blog post ideas — instead of tweaking a code that you don’t really understand — be thankful that the emphasis is on high-quality content that’s written for humans, instead of mumbo-jumbo that’s written for search engines.

(Quite honestly, this is what Web searchers have ALWAYS been looking for.  So, personally, I’m thankful that the Internet marketing world is finally embracing it.)

4.  You don’t have to rely on a third-party

If you’re relying on SEO, Facebook ads, or some other type of PPC to get traffic, you’re putting your chances for success in someone else’s hands.  If Google tweaks its algorithm, you could lose your rankings.  Or, if Facebook suddenly decides that your ads don’t meet its terms of service anymore, your ads will disappear into the night.  Or, if someone comes along with a bigger PPC budget — and can outspend you all day long — your ads could get pushed down into no-man’s-land.

Why put your business at risk like that?

Instead, today’s emphasis on content marketing allows YOU to call all the shots.  You’ll be able to decide which websites are worthy of your guest posts.  You’ll be able to send out an e-mail newsletter to your subscribers anytime you want.  You’ll be able to update your blog whenever you want.

In short, you’ll have full control over what you say, how you say it, where you say it, and when you say it.  You’ll never have to worry about a third-party pulling the rug out from under you.

What smart business owner isn’t thankful for that?


Nicole Beckett can help you create a content marketing strategy that you're truly thankful for. She and the team at Premier Content Source specialize in a variety of content writing and consultation services.