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December 5, 2013

Essential Tips for Launching Your Mobile App Successfully

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Photo Credit: Cristiano Betta

There are millions of apps in all major mobile platforms such as Google Play and iTunes. So, when you decide to launch a new app, the first question that should come to your mind is “how can I make my app successful?” To make an app successful, you must ensure people are aware of its existence. You may have developed the perfect app that consumers need, but its success in the app market depends on your marketing skills. Timely, intelligent promotion can make or break a mobile application.

Application marketing strategy can be broken into three parts: pre-launch, launch and post launch. Here, we will focus on making the launch of your application successful. The following are the actions you should  take without fail:


Identify the USP: It does not matter if your app is free or paid, you have to give mobile users a reason to download it. There may be other apps similar to yours — that is why it is imperative to write down an app description that clearly states the USP of your application. Add screen-shots of the app so users can get an idea of how the app works before downloading it.

Draft your promotional content: You must prepare the press release, newsletters, posts and tweets for social media sites in advance so you can start sending the news of your new app release across all online media platforms as soon as the app becomes live.

Offer a preview: You can create a teaser video and share it across sites like YouTube to generate excitement among target customers. Reveal only a few things that will make people curious and end the video with the launch date in bold letters. This way, you will be able to prepare users for your application and as soon as it hits the Google Play Store or App Store, they will start downloading it.

Participate in awards: If you think you have created an app that deserves an award, participate in tech events and submit your app. There is no more substantial proof of quality than an award given by a reputed organization. If your app wins any award, you can be sure of its success. Once the news is splashed across media networks, millions of customers will open their wallet to try your app.


Reach out to the press: You can organize a press conference to release your app and let the media know what you have created. Once the news of your app is published across newspapers, magazines and websites, millions of Smartphone users will download your app.

Inform the existing users: If you have already developed a couple of good apps and people loved them, you can inform your loyal user base about your app launch so they not only download it, but can also tell their friends about it. This word-of-mouth promotion is very effective because those who will recommend your new app have already used your earlier creations. You can send newsletters to existing customers to create a buzz in the market.

Earn reviews: Tech savvy users like to read technology related magazines and respect the reviews published there. Hence, you should request renowned tech pundits to review your app and write about it in their magazines. Positive reviews can increase downloads overnight and help you make thousands of dollars.

Be social: As soon as the app is released, start posting the promotional content on Facebook and Twitter that you wrote earlier. Use a hashtag to start a conversation and thank users for every share and retweet. You can also offer some benefits to the fans and followers for sharing the news with their friends. For example: Earn a 10 percent discount for 10 Facebook shares.

Invest in paid advertising: You can also start giving banner and pop-up ads across the Web to capture your target audience’s attention. Paid promotional campaigns keep your app visible and help you retain the momentum you achieved on the launch day.

Marketing can only bring customers and encourage them to hit the “Install” button, but long-lasting success depends on the quality of the application. Therefore, you must work hard on both fronts: creative solution and timely promotion. Offer something useful to your target market and tell them your offering can make their life simple — the result will surprise you.


Nilesh Talaviya is works with Cygnet Infotech as a mobility strategist and is author of this article. He has vast knowledge on mobile app development. You can reach him at For more details please visit: or follow Nilesh on Google+ to learn more.