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Five Tips to Strengthen Your Article Marketing Campaigns

For the last several years, marketers have been bemoaning the death of article marketing. Contrary to public opinion, those who truly understand how to do article marketing the right way continue to turn to this proven marketing technique to lure new prospects and customers to their websites and sales offers.

The truth is that online marketers either “get” article marketing or they do not “get” it.

A few years ago, I heard a joke about a business person traveling through Oklahoma on the way to somewhere on election day. He was sitting in the airport at the bar and noticed that all of the TV’s were tuned into ESPN. He turned to the bartender and said, “Don’t you get CNN in Oklahoma?” The bartender said no. Shocked, the business traveler asked incredulously, “Do you mean that they don’t have CNN on your cable network here?” The bartender responded, “Oh yeah. We have CNN on the TV. We just don’t understand it.”

Maybe it is because I am also from Oklahoma, but I still believe in the value of article marketing as a online promotion tool. Take a look around … you are reading an article that was created for article marketing purposes, and the chances are real good that most of the articles on this website were created for the same purpose.

Article marketing is an often misunderstood, much maligned, promotional technique that successful online marketers have used since 1995.

But, Here Is Where Most Marketers Get It Wrong…

When experts suggest that an article should focus on the wants and needs of readers, amateurs tell themselves people will want and need their product or service, so it should be OK to talk about their offer within the article. This is one of the main reasons they fail.

Because article marketing is described as a promotion technique, most marketers mistakenly believe that they can use their article as an advertising puff piece.

Let me give you a tip. Publishers are a very important component in the article marketing process. They are the people who control our access to our target audience — the people who are most likely to buy our products or services.

In order to win and keep the attention of readers, publishers know they must always deliver real value to their readers, so they will be able to maintain the ability to consistently deliver a large, interested audience to their advertisers.

If you want to reach the publisher’s audience, you must be willing to either pay for advertising directly or give real value to the publisher’s audience, via a value-packed article.

Five Steps to Making Article Marketing Work For You

1. Focus On Readers — Why do consumers hate used car salesmen? Because the salesman is more interested in selling a car and making a commission and less interested in helping the buyer find the right car for their needs.

It is far more important to talk to a reader about what they want to know, than it is to talk about you and your desires as an article author. Honestly, your reader could care less about you. Instead, what they care about is what you can do for them.

2. Deliver Valuable Content — If you understand what the people in your target audience wants or needs to know, then you will know what you should talk about in your articles.

Focus on helping people get the information they want or to solve the problems they need to solve, then you will find an audience that will be interested in pretty much everything you have to say to them.

3. Great Article Titles — Keywords in a title are only important to get a person to stop scanning the page and pay closer attention to your article title. Once the keywords in your article title has captured a reader’s attention, the title itself must convince the person scanning the page to open your article and begin reading.

4. Readability — It is important to make your words flow, so that a reader will not lose interest in your topic, before reaching your author’s resource box and reading your call-to-action.

If readers become bored or distracted, before reaching the end of your article, then you will have squandered a perfect opportunity to deliver a potential customer to your website or sales offer.

5. Call-to-Action — As an article marketer, this is where you will get paid for having taken the time and effort to create your article and get it in front of your target audience.

There are a number of factors to take into account to be sure that readers will read your author’s resource box and take the action you want them to take.

As the article’s author, you are in complete and total control when it comes to getting people to read your article, then to take the actions you want them to take after reading your article, i.e. “Click this link and visit my website.”

In Conclusion

If you have spent the course of your entire article talking to your readers about what is important to them, then your readers are going to be more likely to read your “author’s resource box” to see what other things you might be able to do for them.

Herein resides the secret to successful article marketing…

Those article authors who “get” article marketing will be able to deliver loads of targeted and interested prospects to their websites and sales offers.

And, those who “don’t get” article marketing will continue to tell the world that article marketing is dead, with no hope for those who seek to use it to promote their offers online.

There are actually 19 factors that will influence your success as an article marketer. Nine of those factors are related to your actual article, and the next 10 factors have to do with how you construct your “about the author” text. To learn about these 19 factors, pick up a copy of “author resource box essentials” at

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