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December 11, 2013

Seven Reasons Infographics Should Be the Backbone of Your Social Marketing Strategies

Most of us already know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the benefits of visualization in your social marketing strategies. This visual medium allows business owners to communicate effectively with consumers, getting their points across and at the same time boost SEO efforts.

If you truly believe in the power of infographics and how it should be the backbone of your social marketing efforts, you need to act proactively… right after checking out this list below, of course.

Reason #1: Tackle information overload

It is said that we receive 5 times more information today than we did back in the year 1986. Each day, whether we are at work or play, we consume 34 gigabytes worth of data. With such a massive amount of information assaulting our senses, it makes sense to say that consumers are suffering from information overload. To counter this, companies turn to infographics to help their consumers stay focused on what they really want them to know.


Reason #2: Infographics are more engaging

Which would you rather read: an interesting infographic with eye-catching colors OR a 52-page whitepaper on America’s current economic standing? No prizes for guessing which!


Reason #3: Infographics help people comprehend BETTER

Information analysts discovered that instructions with text AND images allow people to do 323% better compared to people who had to rely on text-only instruction. This is especially helpful if you think about your objective in getting consumers to do what you want via CTAs (Call to Action), be it signing up for your newsletter or simply walking them through your many product features.

An infographic will certainly improve your potential customers’ comprehension and help you achieve results you normally would never do when you only had text-based content to depend on.


Reason #4: Infographics persuade people to fulfill your objectives

Professors at the Wharton School of Business discovered that 1 out of 2 people in an audience were persuaded by a verbal presentation. This number rose considerably so to 67% as they were treated to a presentation coupled with interesting visuals.

Leveraging on this fact, companies create infographics to help sell their products or services and make consumers believe that they would actually benefit from these companies’ offerings.


Reason #5: Infographics increase shareability

When it comes tosocial media, nothing matters more than putting up content that engages people and makes them want to share it out. This is akin to the traditional art of word-of-mouth marketing: the more people know about the benefits of your products or services, the more likely they will purchase them.

Creating high quality infographics will prompt users to share it on Facebook, Twitter and just about any high traffic social networking sites there are on the Internet. Besides creating awareness, you’ll be able to increase your reputation as a company that provides engaging information.

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Infographics at a glance

  • High quality infographics will never be ignored – 30 times more likely to appeal to your target audience and shared compared to text-based content
  • 90% of data sent to brain is visual
  • 1 out of 5 B2B companies incorporate the usage of infographics in their social media marketing plan
  • Adoption of Infographics is up 1.5 times from 2011 and is steadily rising

How to leverage on the power of infographics


1. Use it to recruit workers: You can tap into a pool of high quality work candidates by putting up an infographic that provides information about your company and at the same time, outline what skills are needed for them to apply.

2. Use it to simplify intricate processes: Whether you create an infographic about the complex workings of a camera, or merely want to illustrate your company’s process flow, infographics are able to enlighten your target audience.

3. Tell people what’s in it for them: As a business owner who wants to leverage on social media marketing to alleviate their business, infographics represent one of the best forms of educational tools. Besides informing consumers about your products or services, you’re able to build a solid reputation and differentiate yourself from your competitors who use conventional methods to create awareness.


Like everything else in social media, the infographics medium is constantly evolving. Experts predict that Flash-based interactive infographics will take over the world by storm. Designers and developers would be able to tap into a wealth of features to provide visualization of different layers of data in a single interface and at the same time engage the audience with an amazing user experience.

We won’t know what other infographic applications will emerge but one thing’s for sure, it will be thrilling to witness the evolution of this dynamic medium.



Kannu Singh is an ardent fan of infographic designing. When he is not immersed in work, he finds time to chill out in his own fortress of solitude.