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December 20, 2013

Ads a Hit on Instagram, Photo-Sharing Site Announces

After six weeks of running ads on its site, Instagram is declaring the new money-making venture a resounding success.

Instagram image

Instagram image

The Facebook-owned photo and video service has been easing into the advertising game to give its 150 million monthly users a chance to get used to seeing ads in their feeds. So far, Instagram has partnered with fashion label Michael Kors, Ben & Jerry’s, Levi’s and another unnamed company.

“Ads on Instagram are designed to support brands focused on reaching large audiences with memorable, high quality content,” reads an Instagram blog post. “We think this aligns with the way people and brands already use Instagram — sharing photos and videos that capture a moment, inspire others, or shift perceptions.”

To complete its examination of the campaigns’ successes, metrics such as reach, ad recall, and awareness were evaluated. By evaluating these metrics rather than social factors such as comments, likes and followers, Instagram was better able to determine the value and effectiveness of brand campaigns, the company said.

Here are the results:

• All four initial ad campaigns measured were successful at delivering a broad reach.

• The marketers achieved a high impact with a very low average frequency of ad impressions per user.

Instagram image

Instagram image

• Levi’s reached 7.4 million people in the U.S. across a nine-day period, targeting people aged 18-34.

• Ben & Jerry’s reached 9.8 million people in the U.S. over eight days, targeting people aged 18-35.

•  Across the four campaigns, there was a 32-point incremental lift in ad recall per campaign for people who were repeatedly exposed to a particular campaign versus control groups.

• Across the four campaigns, there was a 10-point incremental lift in brand message awareness per campaign for people who were repeatedly exposed to a particular campaign versus control groups.

“While these initial results are promising, we believe that early campaigns may benefit from an overall increase in awareness of ads on Instagram due to their recent introduction,” the company said. “We will continue to optimize our ad products to make them successful for marketers and a great experience for people on Instagram.”

Those who are interested in in-depth information can read the case studies for Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s.