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January 15, 2014

LinkedIn Launches Volunteer Market

LinkedIn has introduced a new way for volunteers and professionals to connect.

The company has launched its LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace to help volunteers leverage their skills in a way that has a positive impact. 

In conjunction with  Catchafire,Taproot Foundation, BoardSource and VolunteerMatch, LinkedIn is providing volunteers a place to list themselves in hopes of being picked up by a non-profit board or organization. Members can also browse thousands of volunteer opportunities that may interest them.

According to the company’s blog, more than three million users already utilize the “Volunteer and Causes” portion of their profile, so it shouldn’t take long to fill the marketplace.

“Students often fall into this category. Retired professionals and stay-at-home parents seek ways to continue to leverage their skills and experience,” says LinkedIn.

“And while busy professionals who love their current gigs may not necessarily be looking for a new position, these are often the very people who are most actively engaged in ‘meaningful searches’ – a volunteer opportunity that will enhance their life in ways beyond what their primary vocation provides.”

LinkedIn’s vision for the marketplace is to create “economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.”

This vision is in line with LinkedIn’s development of the world’s first economic graph

CEO Jeff Weiner describes the graph as a digital map of the global economy that identifies the connections between people, jobs, skills, companies and professional knowledge.

“By incorporating volunteer opportunities into the Economic Graph, the right talent will be more likely to find the right non-profit opportunities, which we think is key to solving some of the world’s great challenges,” he said on the company blog.



Megan Abraham is a staff writer for SiteProNews.