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January 15, 2014

Twitter Update Allows Targeted Advertising Using E-mail Addresses, User IDs

Marketers on Twitter can now better target advertising on the micro-blogging site through the use of customer e-mail addresses or users’ Twitter ID information.

The new options are an expansion of Twitter’s tailored audiences, a platform the social network introduced in December.

Twitter’s revenue product manager Kelton Lynn said advertisers can use their own lists of customer e-mail addresses to create tailored audiences on Twitter. Another option, he said, is use CRM database records previously stored with an ad partner. Under this system, e-mail addresses are sent to Twitter as unreadable hash marks.


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“Let’s say a fashion retailer wants to advertise a spring clearance sale on Twitter, and they’d prefer to show their ad to current membership cardholders,” Lynn said in a blog post. “To get the special offer to cardholders who are on Twitter, the retailer may share with us unreadable scrambles (called hashes) of the email addresses of its card members. We can then match that information to Twitter accounts in order to show the matched users a promoted tweet with the sale information.”

Tailored audiences can also be put together using lists of Twitter usernames or IDs. Using this tactic, a retailer could make use of public data such as a user’s bio, follower count, verified status or tweet to discover which Twitter users are likely to be most receptive to a particular advertisement or other promotion.


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On the flip side, marketers will also be able to exclude specific CRM and user ID audiences from the group of Twitter users it wants to reach through existing targeting options such as interests, keywords and TV.

“For example, the same fashion retailer is also running a new customer acquisition campaign for its membership program, targeting Twitter users interested in style and fashion, and wants to exclude current membership card holders,” Lynn said. “Their same membership cardholder tailored audience can now be used to remove any user who fits the interest targeting and is also already a cardholder.”

Marketers will still receive reports detailing how many users viewed, clicked on or converted from an ad, without identifying them.

Twitter is also partnering with “leading technology companies” to help marketers create and transfer audiences to the social network for targeting. The companies include: Acxiom, Datalogix, Epsilon, Liveramp, MailchimpMerkle and Salesforce ExactTarget for CRM.

Twitter is also handing marketers the ability to use its Ads API to create CRM and Twitter ID tailored audiences.

The social network did not forget about the rights of its users, however. Members of Twitter can opt-out by unchecking the box in privacy settings next to ‘Tailor ads based on information shared by ads partners.’

Twitter has also set a minimum audience size to “avoid overly specific targeting.”


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.