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January 22, 2014

Microsoft Wants Internet Users to “Rethink” Internet Explorer

Microsoft is attempting to bring Internet Explorer back to life with a new campaign.

While it may have  been the browser of choice at one time, Internet Explorer (IE) has fallen to the wayside in favour of more popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Microsoft hasn’t given up though, most recently releasing IE11 that supports touch screen devices and is faster and more efficient all around.

Most recently, the company made some important partnerships with Red Bull, Atari and GlacierWorks and other developers to help create a new experience for IE11. Today, it launched its “Rethink IE” campaign to create some buzz about the browser.

Microsoft’s senior director for Internet Explorer Roger Capriotti told TechCrunch the idea behind the campaign is to show users IE’s “leadership in trying to move the Web forward.”

The site features a look at the IE’s features like full screen browsing, multitasking, reading view and a feature that allows users to pin websites. The new IE takes on a very similar look to Windows 8 with its tiled menu that favours tablet users.

Capriotti told TechCrunch that while other browsers have been created an experience that caters to desktop and laptop computers, IE has taken advantage of new technology with its design, in order to have a competitive edge.

“We are helping to create entirely new experiences on the web that are fast, beautiful and perfect for touch,” says the Rethink website.


Megan Abraham is a staff writer for SiteProNews.