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January 23, 2014

New App Let’s Couples Record Their Sex Life

A controversial new app is taking Google Glass into the bedroom.

It’s called “Sex with Google Glass”, and is an app that allows users to essentially use their device as a mirror to view intimacy from their partner’s point of view.

The app records a couple’s steamy session and then compiles a video in which both partners viewpoints can be seen. It’s only available for five hours before the app deletes the video unless the user chooses to save, according to its developers.

To begin the process, users say “OK, Glass, it’s time.” Once finished, the couple can prompt the app to stop recording by saying “OK, Glass, pull out.”

There’s talk of adding mood-elevating music or even suggestions for sex positions.

While it’s not yet downloadable, plans are in the works to make the app available on Google Glass as well as for iOS and Android. While the app’s developer Sherif Maktabi says the app was originally designed for Glass, his team is pushing to release it first for iOS in an effort to get the app on the market, since Google Glass isn’t as widely used as the iPhone.

Plus, Google may not be interested in the app at all, points out CNET, due to its strict policy against pornography apps.

Maktabi tells CNET, however, his app isn’t about porn.

“If you read between the lines, we are not a sex app. We are something that changes the way you experience something personal,” he tells CNET. “Our app is designed to be beautiful, minimalist, and simple. There is nothing sexual about that.”


Megan Abraham is a staff writer for SiteProNews.