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February 3, 2014

Slidejoy Brings Advertising To Lock Screens

Android Phones Will Be Billboards For Companies

Slidejoy image

A new app can turn your phone into both a billboard and a bank account.

Slidejoy, set to launch today, is a new advertising app that allows users to cut down their monthly bill a bit while also targeting them in specified advertising campaigns. Simply put, an Android phone users’ lock screen features an advertisement from a range of companies.

The move means every time someone wakes up their phone they’ll see an advertisement from a wide range of companies — the app, so far, is scheduled to feature ads from Adidas, Macy’s and Best Buy to name a few — appear. The best part, however, is by seeing those ads and downloading the app, users will get money.

Slidejoy image

Slidejoy image

Initial figures indicate monthly payouts could range from $5 to $15 though these numbers could change as the app progresses. Users will be given a choice of either taking the cash they’ve earned — which is updated daily — or they can decide to donate it to a charity.

It’s a smart move as the old saying goes, location is everything. Dozens of times a day users will click their phone and see full-screen ads. What happens next will depend on the user.

If the user slides to the right the ad is ignored. A left sweep is an indication of interest and leads the users to further information on the featured product. Ignoring an ad or proceeding to that further information won’t impact the payment amount.

Advertisers are given the option to design their own ads or let Slidejoy do it for them. Adding a bit of bang to the advertising buck is the fact those ads are distributed to users based on geography, demographic profile and the device being used.

While the initial launch will only be available for Android phones, the company hopes to launch an iOS app in the fall.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.