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Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon Driving Traffic on Social Scene

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When it comes to driving traffic, Facebook and Pinterest are head and shoulders above their social networking peers.

A new study from Shareaholic has revealed that Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon effectively left rivals Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Reddit in the dust.

The three social media destinations enjoyed the strongest traffic gains from September to December of 2013 with the globe’s largest social network’s share rising 48.85 percent. Pinterest’s share rose 30.06 percent and StumbleUpon’s share grew a whopping 54.36 percent.

“Facebook drove more than 15 percent of overall visits sites received. Pinterest’s share was surprisingly close to five percent,” reads an article by Shareholic marketing manager Danny Wong.

“For a site that’s not yet four years old, Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with. The pair, together, drove more than 20 percent of overall visits to sites. One might say that — among social media platforms — Facebook is king, while Pinterest is queen (even though Pinterest is still an excellent platform for men).”


Facebook, the study discovered, also took the top spot in the social referrals rankings, driving more than double the referrals of the seven other social networking sites combined.

The study described Twitter’s traffic share as “pretty flat,” adding that its overall visits dipped 4.31 percent, although it was able to Twitter keep its No. 3 spot on Shareaholic’s list.

Reddit and YouTube had much larger traffic dips, however. Reddit’s share of overall visits shriveled 17.68 percent since September and YouTube’s plummeted 34.97 percent.

LinkedIn’s share fell 26.96 percent to put it in seventh place, beating out only Google+ when it comes to driving traffic. Despite being in last place, Google+’s share was up 18.98 percent.

“Given their tiny contributions to sites’ overall traffic, these translate to a loss of 0.02 percentage points for LinkedIn and a gain of 0.01 percentage points for Google+,” reads the Shareholic blog. “The two now drive roughly the same amount of visits to sites, and were tied last month as the seventh leading source of social traffic.”


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  • This is great data, and most of it is not surprising. However, I have a few concerns with the data:
    1. In aggregate, it makes sense that FB is far ahead, since B2C is higher volume overall. But if this were to be broken out for B2B vs. B2C, I expect LinkedIn and Twitter would look much better on the B2B side.
    2. This is from Shareaholic, so it’s naturally skewed to what people choose to show on the site and to what people choose to use shareaholic for sharing. For example, I use browser buttons for +1 and StumbleUpon, so my numbers are never counted in analyses like the above.

    I will add this though – Pinterest is the real deal. They have done a great job of growing from nothing to a top 5 platform in social in a very brief period of time. Thanks for the outstanding post.

    • Thanks for the feedback Tommy. And I agree with your assessment on Pinterest — it does indeed seem to be growing by leaps and bounds and is likely to continue that trend for the foreseeable future.

  • Fabulous analytics from shareholic. In my experience i am getting a lot of traffic from Twitter and Stumbleupon. Thanks to share valuable report.

  • whether social media is very influential on our site?
    for example I share my link in social media such as facebook.
    whether also will lead to the arrival of traffic?