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February 18, 2014

App Fully Mirrors Android to Chromecast

Unavailable as of Yet, But Developer Displays on YouTube

Details are scant but it appears mirroring an Android device — completely — to Chromecast can be done.


Koushik Dutta

Koushik Dutta, through a video posted to YouTube, has demonstrated his free, though not-yet-available app that links his Android phone to his television. So far, Dutta’s app is the first we’ve seen that links everything on an Android to a television via Chromecast.

Other apps have come out that allow partial linking, but Dutta’s one-minute video shows him playing a game and checking his Facebook feed on his phone while, simultaneously, his actions are mirrored on his large television.

“Fills the TV screen. Looks decent,” Dutta wrote on his Google + page.

Dutta is the creator of AllCast, the initial app that linked Android and Chromecast but its original form was limited in its mirroring abilities. From the look of the video, those hindrances are a thing of the past.

It has only been seven months since Google dropped Chromecast on the market but, since then, it has made no moves toward monitoring. Rather, private developers like Dutta have been left to tinker with the process.

That’s exactly what he’s doing, too.

“Did some poking around to see how far along Google is with their Chromecast mirroring solution,” he wrote. “There’s plenty of evidence that there’s some (possibly half baked) solution in the Play Services APK and it is not totally disabled. This is why people are seeing their “Cast” quick setting tile sometimes light up.”

Dutta listed some concerns such as his inability to play a raw h264 of vp8 stream as well as a slow process in sending frame by frames but, so far, he’s treading new ground here.

Check out his brief YouTube video for an example of what he has accomplished.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.