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SEO: Is Your Content Creation Plan Holding You Back?

SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing strategy, and content creation holds a huge part of that strategy.

Content creation touches many aspects of a search engine optimization campaign, from blog postings to social media interactions. At the most basic level, content creation has to be planned and then executed in a timely fashion. But, this plan has to be flexible to account for the ongoing changes within your industry environment.

This plan takes the help of a search engine optimization firm that is dedicated to giving your company prime standings in search. Companies that try to handle content creation on their own often fail. It is much more encompassing than they originally think and deadlines get pushed back to accommodate for the work that needs to happen every day.

The firms that are succeeding for their clients are the firms that are building meaningful content on a regular schedule across the board — this includes blog posts, website content and social media interactions. Since search engine algorithms are written to be intuitive and change frequently to help searchers find the info they are seeking, content that is engaging to the end reader is naturally going to rank well.

Choose a Search Engine Optimization Firm that Knows Your Industry

Some of the biggest successes in search come from engagement. Articles that are shared and passed around the Internet are reported to search engines as valuable content. Writing for the end reader means your company is providing valuable information that goes well beyond your brand. The search engine optimization company that you choose should have a complete understanding of your business and the environment in which it operates. When a firm knows its client inside and out, it is able to provide valuable content that will engage others and build rankings.

For example, if your company sells tools, content creation should never just be centered on the tools themselves. How those tools are used can turn into valuable do-it-yourself pieces for consumers, or content could be built around tool safety. Another content creation avenue could include testimonies and project displays by customers. Parlaying the same topics into social media could include product giveaways or a call for photos of past projects and a chance to be featured on the blog. Without the guidance of a search engine optimization firm with a dedicated content production director, postings tend to become forced and overly didactic.

Do You Know How to Link? Your Search Engine Optimization Firm Should

Matt Cutts of Google recently released guidelines for backlinks. Past guidance regarding linking from the company was more than 10 years old. Google’s focus has long been on end reader usability. These searchers are Google’s clients, so its job is to make them happy — not to serve the search engine optimization firms. Unfortunately, many firms have failed to understand this and commonly try to spam Google into thinking its content should hold more weight than others. These moves worked in the past, but the past is the past. If you partner with a search engine optimization firm that uses old practices for content creation, you are bound to see fewer and slower results.

Here, Google once again reiterated content that is meaningful and useful to the searcher, or end reader, will be held in high regard within search. Here is the official answer set forth by Cutts in regards to the question:

Q: “How many links should I include within each page of content on my site?”

A: “The Web changes, it evolves; in particular, Web pages that have gotten a lot bigger, there’s more rich media and so it’s not all that uncommon to have aggregators or various things that might have a lot more links. So we removed that guideline and we basically now say keep it to a reasonable number, which I think is pretty good guidance.

“There may be a limit on the file size that we have now, but it’s much larger — at the same time the number of links we can process on the page is much higher.”

Simply stated: If the links are useful, Cutts says to include them, and include them in full. But, if the links are affecting readability, omit them.

What Should Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy be for 2014?

Your company’s search engine optimization strategy for 2014 should include a robust content creation plan that encompasses and touches every aspect of your involvement on the Web. This content should be meaningful and promote interactions between consumers. For those who have tried content creation for the purpose of search engine optimization in the past, it is time to start playing with the big boys by investigating search firms that are capable of working within your areas of expertise.

Keywords are of extreme importance when it comes to your content plan and the overall search engine optimization of your company’s site. Topics are fairly easy to come by, but actual keywords take a good amount of research. Often, companies optimize for the terms that they use frequently within their industry. This can work, but it can also be a mistake. Your site should be written for the end consumer, so you must write and optimize for the reader. This means that ample research should be performed to show trends in search terms, both nationally and regionally. Without this information, the search engines do not have the data they need to serve your company’s site up in results.

A robust search engine optimization firm will have in-house writers, editors and researchers to help ensure this task is performed correctly and that all writing for your site is uniform throughout. Additionally, this team will be on the lookout for overall cohesiveness in blog postings, social media and website content.

If your company is lagging behind the competition in search, your content creation plan might be the culprit. Contact a search engine optimization firm and start playing hard ball.

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