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February 25, 2014

A Checklist for a Viral Infographic

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An infographic is simply a graphical way to present valuable information or statistics. It can be a combination of visuals, images and text that spell out detailed data in a simple and visually appealing manner.

Why is it important?

As Google keeps updating its Hummingbird and Penguin algorithms, more emphasis is being put on natural link building. If designed and shared effectively, an infographic can be a crucial component of your marketing campaign.

A well planned and well-designed infographic can be shared across social media platforms and go viral  on relevant websites. This is the kind of link building Google is willing to promote in the years to come.

Why is it effective?
While today’s consumer is always on the go, he is prone to spend less time on reading excess content when he can easily gather useful facts and figures with the help of a visual. Infographics are extremely effective for entrepreneurs, SME business owners as well as established brands.

They can jot down their success stories, existing and future services and promote their services in an attention-grasping manner. This can engage their users and can instantly drive traffic to their website.

How to make an infographic viral?
In order to make an infographic viral, you need to make sure you are using the right template, a harmonious color scheme and updated statistics.

If your infographic has glaring color shades with amateur typography, not only will it push your consumers away, it will also affect your business reputation and will rarely be shared by anyone who views it.

Here are some points to ensure your infographic goes viral:

The Aesthetic Touch
Of course, the infographic is not just about appearance, but that does play a big role. Even before the reader starts to scan the infographic for information, he unintentionally makes a mental note of its appearance. Take great care choosing colors that will suit your users as well as the typography.

An infographic designed to provide information to the older generation is unlikely to work if bold colors and jarring fonts are used. Similarly, an infographic aimed at young entrepreneurs must reflect inspirational images and business related terminologies with updated stats displayed in a harmonious design.

Perfect Ratio of Text, Graphs, Images and Height
The whole idea of creating an infographic is to display complex information in a simplified manner. If you put too much into an infographic, your viewer is sure to leave it after just a quick glance.

It is important to note that the size of your infographic should be in proportion with the images, font size and the text you choose. All graphs and information should be clearly visible and no crucial details should be missed to ensure a smooth flow throughout the infographic.

Updated Information
No matter what stats are being displayed on your infographic, be it your company’s soaring financial figures or a graph to illustrate your success rate, all information should be relevant, current and up-to-date.

If your infographic has no quantitative but only qualitative data to offer, it has to be presented in accordance with the current technological updates. It is very important that every point you are presenting is valid and authentic.

Share it on the Right Platform
You may have designed the best infographic for your target audience, but if you have not shared it on the right platform, it may go un-noticed. and Reddit are one of the two well known platforms where you can share your infographics where thousands of users view them as well as vote them up or down. Sharing your infographic on the right platform is just as important as keeping all the design elements co-ordinated to design a creative and an informative infographic.


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