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Marketing: How To Schedule Creating Content Like A Professional Writer

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If you’re doing any kind of content marketing for your business, it goes without saying you’ll be creating content on a regular basis.

Even if you outsource aspects of the content creation process, such as professionally-written copy, you’ll still need to spend time providing instructions to the people you hire.

Either way, you will definitely benefit from scheduling the time you spend on content creation — much like a professional writer does.

Of course, for the best results from content marketing, you need to have a regular flow of content. Ideally you need at least two or three new content pieces a week at bare minimum for content marketing to become effective for you.

These may include blog posts, articles (like this), videos, social media postings, and so on.

That takes a regular amount of work. Without a systemized approach, including a regular schedule, your content marketing becomes a lot more ad-hoc. The result is it may not be given the priority it needs to become beneficial for you, and opportunities to improve the online visibility of your business disappear.

However, when you start to schedule your content creation like a professional writer, you’ll find you benefit from:

  • More content created, and in less time;
  • More opportunities taken advantage of;
  • Increased lead flow from your content marketing activities.

So how would a professional writer approach scheduling their time?

The surprising fact is that professional writers have a number of habits in common that enable them to be far more productive than amateurs. These habits include the following:

  • Starting their work very early in the morning, often somewhere between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Choosing to work in an isolated environment free of distractions — so they avoid windows, phones, e-mail, and so on.
  • Many have a form of morning ritual that marks when they’re about to start work, such as drinking coffee.

So what can we learn from the above? Try the following tips to improve your own content marketing productivity:

Start early. Try devoting the first couple hours or so each day to your content marketing activities. Get into a regular rhythm of working on your content marketing, before the usual disruptions, distractions and demands of the day begin. It also means your brain is fresh, and you can plough all your mental resources into creating stunning content that gets seen and shared.

  • Develop your own ritual for getting started. Caffeine helps some people, but not all. Find out what works for you.
  • Work in an environment that is as isolated and as free from distractions as possible. Solely focus on your content marketing. Avoid checking e-mail, switch your phone off, ensure no one interrupts you and respects this important time when you need to be alone to work.
  • Don’t work for more than two or three hours without stopping. Otherwise you’ll tire and the process will become counter-productive.
  • Set a regular start time and end time for your content creation activity. You’ll become more productive when you know you have to finish at a certain time.
  • Make this activity a habit. Avoid doing it at other times of day. Avoid changes to where you work. You’ll become more productive and create better content as a result.

Obviously, it pays to be as productive as you can. The more quality content you can create, the more potential prospects for your business you’ll reach, the more you’ll connect with your existing customers, and the more visible and memorable your business will become. Try these tips and note the improvements you’re able to achieve.

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