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No Company Admired More Than Apple

Apple image — The Apple Store, Santa Monica, Calif.

Apple, it seems, is still a global favorite.

The technology titan, for the seventh year running, has been granted the title of ‘the World’s Most Admired Company’ on Fortune magazine’s annual list.

Not surprisingly, Amazon and Google took second and third place respectively on the list, which is compiled based on responses from business leaders around the world.

What was a surprise, however, was Microsoft’s ranking. The Redmond software giant dropped to the 24th slot after placing 17th in 2013.

The Fortune top 10.
The Fortune top 10.

IBM placed ahead of Microsoft this year, taking the 16th spot while Samsung nabbed No. 21 on the list.

Facebook came in 38th followed by eBay at No. 44 and Intel at No. 47. AT&T just squeaked in to the top 50 behind Cisco which placed 49th.

Fortune described top dog Apple as an “iconic tech company” that is known for “stylish and user-friendly products.”

“Apple, the most valuable brand on the planet according to Interbrand, brought in $171 billion in revenues in FY2013 and is flush with cash, but fan boys and girls (not to mention the market) are getting antsy to see its next big product,” reads the magazine’s description of the company. “Bets are on a Smartwatch or AppleTV, but the company is also reportedly turning its attention to cars and medical devices.”

Amazon was rewarded with second place for its “customer-centric culture and super-convenience” which has translated into millions of shoppers across the globe, while Google was lauded for its “innovative moonshot projects” such as driverless cars and, more recently, robotics, as well as for its skyrocketing revenues.

Despite a massive restructuring of the company, IBM’s investments in the cloud bode well for its future, the magazine said. Samsung, meanwhile, was called “the world’s most profitable phone maker.”

Microsoft may have slipped in the ranking due to the fact that the software firm missed the boat on mobile. Still, it appears great things are expected of the company. Fortune had this to say: “The question of who would inherit Microsoft’s CEO mantle gnawed at the tech giant for a good deal of 2013, but, ultimately, new chief Satya Nadella arrived on the heels of rosy earnings and strong sales of Xbox, tablets, and commercial cloud services. Now it’s up to the 22-year Microsoft veteran to chart a new course for the company through the cloud, mobile, and devices – while predecessors Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer continue to look on from their board seats.”

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