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Mobile Commerce Via Pinterest Skyrockets

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Pinterest’s mobile app usage is not the only thing on the upswing  — mobile transactions via the virtual pin-up board have also skyrocketed.

Transactions are up 77.62 percent, mobile revenue has risen a whopping 224.1 percent and the amount of time people spend shopping is up 79.3 percent, according to a new study from marketing analytics firm Piqora.

This means Pinterest is no longer just a site to browse through pretty pictures, rather members of the social network are going to the site with the express purpose of making purchases.

Piqora CEO Sharad Verma says businesses desiring a bigger slice of the mobile commerce market need to do two things: optimize their mobile sites for pinning and make shopping on their mobile site an easy experience.

Pinterest earlier this month launched a refurbished mobile website as it gears up to debut in new countries across the globe.

Mobile has grown in leaps and bounds for Pinterest, surging 50 percent from the beginning of last year to make up more than three-quarters of all usage.

Interest in Pinterest is also on the way up internationally. A study last year revealed that 45 percent of all of new sign ups came from countries other than the U.S.


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