Moov: A Personal Trainer for Your Wrist

If you want a personal trainer without the expense, Moov just might be for you.

The wearable computing device — which attaches to the wrist, ankle or even your golf club — acts as a virtual coach that tracks your movements and offers real-time tips for a more effective workout.

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The technology behind Moov comes in the form of three sensors that form a nine-axis motion-sensing hardware. According to the Moov website, the technology is similar to what is used in strategic missile.

That hardware is then paired with software in the form of free iOS apps, to reconstruct the user’s exact motion. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the app transforms your mobile or other Smart devices into a personal trainer.

If you don’t have your phone with you, Moov will store workout data on the band so it can offer give you a summary on your phone when you get back.

“While tracking your step counts, calories and sleep patterns are essential basic data, we believe Moov’s exact motion sensing technology, virtual coach powered by AI and the interactive gaming elements will truly bring your fitness and workout experience to a whole new level,” the website reads.

Check out this video to see it in action:

When Moov launches this summer, it will support swimming, running, cycling, cardio boxing and body weight workouts such as pull ups and push ups. More activities — such as golf, free weights and yoga — will be added  in the coming months.

The waterproof device comes in black or white and boasts a long battery life. The company said someone who works out an hour per day, four days a week could go up to two weeks without having to charge the battery.

Although Moov is currently compatible only with Apple devices, it is coming to Android this fall. The device is available for pre-order and is currently being offered at 50 percent off. One Moov can be had for $59.95, two for $99.95 and three or more for $49.95 each, but only until the limited first run is sold out.

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  • Great idea to replace a personal trainer! Since this year will be all about health related apps and devices, i expect even better replacements for a personal trainer. I wonder if it is more effective than a personaltraining.