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March 5, 2014

Cone Learns User’s Musical Tastes

Wi-Fi Speaker Remembers Preference Based on History

Intuitive, eye appealing and an aural pleaser.

Combined and separated, the words are a pretty accurate description of a new product music-lovers are sure to, well, love. Simple and elegant, Aether Thing’s Cone is being called a “thinking music player” because it will learn what users like, remember it and stream music based on that history.

Image courtesy of (fotographic1980) /

Image courtesy of (fotographic1980) /

It’s also simple to use with inspiration drawn from old radio dials as, if Cone happens to play something a user isn’t digging, to change songs, one just needs to turn the front dial. Users can also tell Cone exactly what they want to hear by speaking to it.

Simply put, this is a pretty cool gadget.

It comes via San Francisco-based Aether Things and, as said co-founder and chief product officer Duncan Lamb, is meant to make enjoying music simpler.

“The world is filled with new devices that do amazing things, yet the more you own, the harder you have to work to connect, manage, and troubleshoot them. At Aether, we decided to make products and experiences that work harder so you don’t have to. Our ultimate goal is simple—to make everyday life nicer through beautifully thought-out products,” he was quoted by PC Mag.

Cone is a Wi-Fi speaker that syncs with Apple’s iOS and Mac products. It will also play from streaming music services, Internet radio stations, and podcasts and uses built-in software to learn a user’s musical tastes and, through that, selects what to play.

Cone, priced at $399, is scheduled for availability later this year.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.