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March 11, 2014

10 Things to Know About Twitter from a SMM Company Perspective

2013 was a very interesting year for Twitter. The number of users of this micro-blogging site continued to swell. Within just the last year, the number of active users grew by 30 million. However, it also had its share of disappointments. Nov. 7,2013 saw the company going public but the NYSE has not been overwhelmed by it. In fact, according to some analysts, there will not be any profits for Twitter until 2015. But any good SMM company would know that this does not spell doom on its performance. Ever since its existence, eight years ago, the site has evolved and, from being just a messaging service for internal purposes, it has now reached global heights.

The engagement of the brand with consumers and breaking news globally has made Twitter stand in the list of world’s most visited websites. According to reports of Moz, up till October 2013, it ranked second in the list of most important sites in the world. It has certainly witnessed a lot of ups and downs in its life span, but one undeniable thing is that the world has changed with the birth of Twitter. So, you should know some memorable things about this 140-character site. Here is a list of the 10 must-know things about it.

  • The first Tweet ever — March 21, 2006 saw the first tweet being sent out by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder. The historic first tweet simply read that he was just setting up his ‘twttr’. Many of you may already know this but some may not know that Astronaut Mike Massimino sent the very first Tweet from space in May 2009. The tweet read that he was tweeting from orbit and the launch was awesome, he was feeling great, enjoying magnificent views and working hard. He then went on to say that it was the beginning of an adventure unparalleled in a lifetime.
  • Facebook offers, Twitter rejects — Sometime around November 2008, Facebook tried to acquire Twitter for a sum of $500 million. At that time, Twitter had registered users amounting to six million. By October 2013, the number of active users had risene to 232 million. According to estimates, the site’s worth hovered between $11 billion and $30 billion U.S.
  • User with most followers — Up until the end of 2013, Katy Perry was the user with highest number of followers — more than 49 million. Justin Bieber follows her with just over 48 million while Lady Gaga has 41 million and President Barack Obama, just shy of 41 million, round off the list. YouTube is the most followed brand followed by Instagram. @ArabicBest is the user that follows most accounts, and the user that tweets most is @Yougakduan_00.
  • Most per second tweeted event —  Aug. 3, 2013 saw the most number of tweets each second during viewing of Castle in the Sky, an animated film, in Japan with 143,199 tweets each second. The most per minute tweets occurred in the middle of Miley Cyrus’s infamous performance at MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 with 306,100 tweets each minute.
  • Almost never happening of Twitter — Odeo was the origin place of Twitter. This podcasting company was launched in 2005 by Evan Williams, another co-founder of Twitter, and Noah Glass. It was struggling without growth and investors during a brainstorming session with Jack Dorsey was struck with the idea of this almost SMS-style service for communication with small groups.
  • Importance of RTs, media, @ and # — Not created by the brand itself, the developers and users accomplished these which has become a very important part of Twitter. These increase engagement and followers.
  • Larry — Larry is the almost iconic bird that is used as Twitter’s mascot. Larry is supposedly named after Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics because Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, is a Boston native.
  • Tweeting through Texts — The base of Twitter was the SMS messaging format that mobile phones use. During the early days, text messages were used to send tweets. Text messaging can still be used for tweeting through mobile apps.
  • Helping the U.S. State Department — The global impact of Twitter was realized by the U.S. government which prompted them to request Twitter to delay their planned system upgrade so that daytime service was not disrupted in Iran which was going through presidential election and protests. Twitter complied with the request.
  • Globally Twitter — As per July 2013 stats, half of Twitter traffic in the world consists of the United States with 22.9 percent, Japan with 20 percent and France with 6.8 percent. The United Kingdom, Turkey and Brazil follow these nations.

Any good professional SMM company knows the importance of Twitter in our lives and it is time that you know too. Through the information given here, try to know a little bit more about this popular micro-blogging site.


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