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March 21, 2014

Mozilla Launches Improved Firefox

Strikingly Similar to Chrome But Improvements Abound

One of the most widely-used Web browsers has had a major overhaul.

Firefox 29, released Thursday by Mozilla, sports a new Australis interface — the largest interface change introduced in the past three years.

firefox_logo-only_RGB-300dpiIt’s a change that Mozilla’s been hyping since last summer and one that means some users will see a greatly improved experience.

One of those most notable changes is in the customization available to users. Browser features can be rearranged within the interface meaning some of those features you rarely no longer have to be so prominent. In addition, tabs have been improved so there’s no more guessing about what tab you are working on.

Stealing a page — or a tab if you’re in to puns — from Google Chrome, Firefox now also has an account feature. This means you can sync between a handful of versions allowing for smooth transition from device to device.

While there are bonuses and some cool features, some long-term Firefox users aren’t likely to swoon over the new format. It’s strikingly similar to Chrome meaning the familiarity some users have likely developed is virtually gone.

That said, the system does appear to be less clunky and more visually appealing. Like any change, it will simply take some time to get used to the new version.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.