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March 27, 2014

The Significant Benefits of Google Places for Your Business

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If someone is searching for businesses in your area, he or she is much more likely to employ the Net than the Yellow Pages. When a future customer uses Google to search for a particular type of business in any one city it is extremely likely he or she finishes up with a results page that contains Google Places listings. Google Places has many real benefits over organic looking results. These are some to consider for your business.

Organic looking results are listings that naturally show up in the results pages of the search websites. Most search website results pages have a mixture of paid and organic adverts, and the organic ones are usually the most reliable because these are results that have been gained in time and by site controllers’ enhancing of their Internet sites so that the content is related to the actual keywords being searched. Compare that to paid lists where site proprietors can simply bid on any keywords that they like, and their websites could, if they wish, have nothing at all to do with the searched keywords.

In October 2010, Google did something quite revolutionary. It mixed its organic ranking results with its existing Google Maps lists in a bid to help people attempting to find enterprises in a particular city really find those enterprises, instead of finding firms located tons of miles away because they have optimized their websites so they can fight for business.

When a search is carried out on Google, the organically listed websites yield a straightforward listing that encompasses a short outline and title. This is all that’s seen till the links are clicked and the viewer is taken over to the actual business website. Nonetheless, when a Google Places listing is shown, these are far more reinforced and usually contain the basic information the searcher is looking for — a local telephone number and an address. This ends up with more people calling those businesses than those that click thru to the business ‘ website or the particular, more detailed Google Places listing. What more could you ask for?

Other advantages of Google Places is the real listing allows businesses to fully manage what’s seen by the searcher. They can post online videos and photos, they can give details of their opening hours, and most critically, the listing can also show reviews of past buyers.

Google Places gives your prospective customers the opportunity to get to know you and what you’ve got to offer in much less time than it would take to trawl through your site. This tool by Google is truly the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century — only better. If you haven’t set up your own Google Places listing yet, then you have to do so before your competitors race too far ahead of you on this — otherwise, you’ll be playing catch up. It isn’t enough solely to have a Big G. Places listing, you need to be certain that it’s showing up on the first page of the Google Search results, in pretty much the same way that organic ranking is only any use if you’re showing up on page one.

If you want help setting up your own Google Places listing and getting it highly ranked, you may do well to get aid from a Google Places expert or local SEO experts. The cash spent may be a shrewd investment for your business.


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