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March 28, 2014

How to Benefit from the Google Apps Referral Program

When Google has an idea they believe in, there’s little they won’t do to back its success. Their latest giant surge relates to the very popular Google Apps for Business suite, currently used by over 5 million members.

Effective immediately, Google will give folks who refer new subscribers a $15 referral bonus. If you’re in the business of referring clients or customers to excellent software solutions, Google wants to help make it worth your while. A rare burst of generosity is definitely something to capitalize on. Keep reading to find out how you can participate.

Google Apps for Business: Good Investment or Gimmick?

If you’re not familiar with the Google Apps for Business suite of offerings, here is a list of the key components involved in this cloud-based productivity bundle:

  • Gmail – The most well-known segment of all the featured apps, Gmail incorporates Google’s search functionality in the email interface, plus up to 30 GB of storage. Offline support, custom email addresses, and many other features are included.
  • Calendar – A handy little tool that facilitates easy scheduling and meeting management. Calendar lets folks set meeting reminders, share specific calendars, and structure a very organized and productive work day, every day.
  • Drive – Google’s solution to cloud storage. Drive makes it easy to store and share files of all kinds. Because it’s cloud-based, documents are accessible on any device, anywhere you go.
  • Docs – Google’s answer to apps like Microsoft Word. Docs enable the creation of documents. A key feature is the ability to collaborate with your team anywhere in the world, in real-time.
  • Sheets – Create spreadsheets Google-style with click-to-edit charts that allow real-time comments and discussions.
  • Slides – A tool that helps users develop beautiful and insightful presentations, in a quick and easy format. Slides lets you embed videos, create image-rich files, and collaborate on presentations with remote team members.
  • Vault – Archive your Gmail emails so they may be searchable and discoverable in all Google business apps.

Businesses pay $5/month per user, or $50 a year. Add Vault for just $10 per month, with no limit to the number of users.

The trick with Google Apps for Business is consistency; if you commit one team member or division to using the services, it’s best if the entire company comply. There can be compatibility issues with docs from other software programs, and the main features of Google Business is the ability to share and collaborate in the cloud. These Google Apps can unify virtual teams, simplify document creation and storage, and create a consistent platform for teams to share information and communication.

The Incentive Program: How to Participate

Called the Google Apps Referral Program, the new enticement incorporates the most incentivizing offering of all: cold hard cash. Google states that many of their current Apps customers were referred by clients, networks, and friends, so in their words, this program is slated to “help continue the momentum.”

Built for existing Google Apps customers to share the service with friends, family, colleagues and clients, the referral program requires that participants provide their name (or business entity), email address, valid taxpayer ID, and related bank account info. In return, you can set up direct deposits for any qualifying referrals.

Once your account is set up with the referral program, you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with your network. You can use this in email blasts, on landing pages, or through any means of communication shares.

As referrals sign-up for Google Apps, you’ll earn $15. The fine print states that a maximum of 100 referrals per company will be paid out, but there is no limit to the number of companies you can successfully refer. If you’re aces at networking, this could be a significant windfall. Bear in mind that customers must remain paying for at least 120 days. This helps keep customers honest about the referrals, but it does naturally delay payment. Typical for a referral program, but important to note.

But wait, there’s more! Google will also supply coupons to encourage your network to sign-up and participate. Coupons gift your referrals $10 off per user for the first year of usage. Google also promises more coupons if your business referrals continue to increase.

Please note this program is currently only available in the US and Canada. For more information, visit the Google Enterprise Blog post that explains the details of the referral program.

Do you think this will actually help Google expand the popularity of their business suite, or is this just a weak tactic that will flounder? Do you use the applications for your business needs? If so, how is it working for you?


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