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April 23, 2014

Facebook the King of the Social Login

Credit: Matt Harnack / Facebook

Facebook remains the login of choice for North Americans, powering more than 51 percent of all social logins, new stats by social login service Gigya has revealed.

Google+ comes in a distant second with 31 percent of all North America sign-ins while Yahoo sits in third place with 13 percent, down two percent from the previous quarter.

Gigya image

Gigya image

Twitter took the fourth spot with a measly four percent while LinkedIn had only one percent.

“Gigya saw Facebook make strides in the war for identity, as it regained a sizable share of logins in a number of industry verticals and regions,” reads the Gigya report.

“We also saw Yahoo continue losing its share of logins in almost every single vertical and region, a trend that mirrors the company’s recent move to eliminate Facebook and Google/Google+ logins from Yahoo properties.”

On Mobile, Facebook, once again is the leader but by an even more significant margin: 62 percent of logins.

That was followed by Google+ with 26 percent, Twitter with six percent and Yahoo with only four percent.

It is much the same internationally.

In Europe, Facebook is used for 59 percent of social logins compared to Google with 19 percent and Russia’s VK with nine percent. In South America, Facebook enjoys an 80 percent share of the market — far above Google+’s 13 percent while in Africa Facebook came in at 78 percent compared to Google+’s nine percent.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.