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April 23, 2014

LinkedIn Gets Visual With Mobile Photo-Sharing Tool

LinkedIn Pen
Photo Credit: TheSeafarer via flickr

LinkedIn is launching a new tool to enable you to share your professional photos while you are on-the-go.

Dubbed LinkedIn for Phone, the photo-sharing tool can be used via Android, iOS or the mobile Web and will roll out to all members over the next few weeks.

“The right picture is worth a thousand words if you can use it to reinforce your brand and build professional relationships,” LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams said in a blog post. “Upload examples of your work to show your talent rather than just talking about them. Talk about a professional goldmine.

“When you use photographs to exemplify your work and stand out from the crowd, they pack a punch. In fact, members who share images with their LinkedIn network are five times more likely to have other members engage with their update. Clicks and pics can be a recipe for professional success.”

LinkedIn image

LinkedIn image

For those who are uncertain what types of photos are appropriate to share, the professional social network is offering the following pointers:

• Conferences, networking and professional development events

Such images are a strong indication you take your career development seriously and offer opportunities to share the highlights of the event with professionals who were unable to attend.

“If you’re at a conference, snap a shot of the speaker and pop one of their quotes in an update,” Williams suggested.

• View from your desk

Use pictures to illustrate ‘a day in the life’ so people can see what you do. The photographs can portray the fun, inspiring or motivational moments of your job.

“Whether it is the view from your desk, a photo of your awesome team in action, a shipment of beautiful flowers or the latest new product you’re stocking the shelves with, capturing these moments helps you remember your work day highlights,” Williams said. “It is also a way for other professionals to see what a day in your career is like.”

Show off your talents

If you have a job or business in which you create or produce a product, take photos that show off your skill as well as your finished products.

“If you are an interior designer, show the remodel you’ve been working on. If you’re a hairstylist, proudly show off photos of the latest up-do you created,” Williams suggested. “Dog walkers and veterinarians can snap photos of happy “critter clients” with their pet parents’ permission. If you’re a yoga teacher who just redesigned your new studio, snap a picture and share your new digs with your network.”

• Professional selfie

It is important people can link your name to your face. After all, a profile receives 11 times the attention that those without do. But you don’t have to limit yourself to a headshot. Williams said a picture of you “in the midst of your work – during a presentation or practicing a big speech – or even in front of oven in your kitchen whites if you’re a chef” is an ideal way of reinforcing what it is you do.




Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.