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April 24, 2014

Essential Freelance Tools You’ll Love

If you are a freelancer, you know all about working hard to meet the expectations of clients and customers. By delivering quality and timely services and products to clients, you can grow your business.

But managing a business when you have to work both as a business head and a worker as well as perform various other activities like creating invoices, billing, marketing services and others can be quite hard. Pursuing so many things at the same time, you may not be able to give the required time and desired attention to your work which can affect the quality of services and products and delay their delivery.

To do away such inconsistencies, you need to adopt some enterprising tools that will organize work, ease up communication with clients and customers, automate processes and provide many other benefits. This will provide you more time for work and allow you to better focus on it, thus meeting the clients’ expectations by delivering fast and quality services.

Below is a list of 10 enterprising tools that you can go through, evaluate and choose the ones that best fit your needs, augment your skills, boost your confidence and improve your productivity.

1. Skype

This online application lets users communicate quickly and conveniently with their remotely located co-workers, clients and acquaintances. They can call them through video and voice calls, send them messages and share photographs, videos and files with them. Through its group video call option, a user can communicate with up to 10 persons at a time. This application can be operated from any mobile, computer or tablet. Work related instructions can be effectively passed to co-workers through its video feature.

2. Evernote

Notes need to be created by different people for different purposes and this Web-based application enables their creation in an easy and hassle-free manner. Apart from this, notes can be conveniently viewed, edited, stored and obtained for further use. It imparts to users the flexibility to capture different types of content like to-do lists, Web pages, handwritten notes, photographs and others. Notes can be effectively grouped together inside customizable notebooks. Through tags, notes can be searched and filtered. Co-workers can share these among themselves, in turn boosting their work efficiency.

3. Dropbox

This application lets users access their files and documents with ease from any kind of device whether it is a computer, tablet or phone. They can obtain them while being online or offline. It serves users well by letting them edit documents and add photos as well as show videos from any place in the world. Safety and security of data is ensured — it is well protected against any accidents. Its recovery is fast and smooth. It is an immensely useful application for data storage.

4. Square

This tool enables businesses to accept payments from their customers through credit cards. Its register app and reader provides some great functionality like tracking a business’ sales history, organizing its products and services, etc. Business-related information can be effectively viewed and checked through charts and reports. It also helps in brand building through cover photo and logo options. Customers’ credit card information is fully secured through encryption and it gets stocked in servers instead of device or reader.

5. FileZilla

This application allows secure and fast transfer of large files from servers located in remote locations. Files during their transfer are secured through SSL/TLS protocol. It has an intuitive interface and consumes little space on the hard drive. It is loaded with many useful features, namely remote file search and editing, bookmarks, a drag and drop feature and directory comparison to name a few.

6. Toggl

This Web-based application allows businesses to accurately and easily track and assess time spent over their tasks, projects and clients. It allows them to tag each and every time entry. A business can accurately bill its clients and customers on the basis of hours spent over various tasks. It helps them to set plans for productive usage of time in a day. Through bar and pie charts, time entries can be accurately plotted and critically analyzed. Time-related data remains safe and intact and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

7. Stack Exchange

This application serves as a repository of questions and answers on a variety of topics like programming, gaming, photography and others. It enhances knowledge of individuals by giving them a chance to raise questions that will be answered by experts. Editing of questions and answers is allowed. Voting over questions enables users to assess if they are useful or not. Apart from questions and answers, blogging and chat is also available. It is a free and open site and anyone can become a member, raise questions and contribute to the knowledge pool.

8. Behance

This website enables creative professionals like Web and graphic designers, photographers, typographers and others to showcase their work and skills in portfolio form. The site plays a significant role in further distributing users’ work to other online galleries and does a good job of promoting talent and creativity.

9. Dribbble

This site enables designers and other creative professionals to share screenshots of their work and projects, improving users’ prospects of being hired for prestigious assignments. A great forum to highlight, explore and promote designs that also offers a striking bond among people with creative streak.


Sharon Thomson is a business manager of ProofHub, a Web-based project management software that facilitates the quick and accurate management of projects. It enables the team members who are spread out in different locations in the world to collaborate over project matters. They can define, document, discuss, organize, co-ordinate, review and control different project matters efficiently which results in their quick resolution. With its use, organizational objectives can be achieved effectively along with the generation of intended gains and assets.