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April 28, 2014

IBM Debuts New Cloud Services Marketplace

IBM image — IBM Cloud Platform general manager Steve Robinson, right), tours the IBM Cloud marketplace online with Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid, left, on various computers and mobile devices.

IBM today launched its cloud-based marketplace giving companies access to hundreds of applications to make doing business a little easier.

IBM Cloud marketplace offers a range of the company’s offerings from showcase software, to IT management applications to developer tools as well cloud services from as third-party providers.

The marketplace, which was unveiled at the company’s Impact 2014 conference in Las Vegas, is a move by IBM to become less reliant on hardware sales, which have continued to slide in the past few years.

“The marketplace offers a gateway for IBM’s vast global business partner ecosystem to tap into the growing $250B cloud market opportunity, with instant access to IBM’s rich intellectual capital, array of services and software capabilities and access to IBM’s vast enterprise client network,” the company said in a press release. “For partners, IBM’s cloud marketplace provides a global path to the enterprise and new opportunities to collaborate with a network of channel partners in its ecosystem to generate new revenue streams driving cloud innovation.”

All of the cloud services being offered on the new marketplace are open, scalable and secure with content being served up by job role. Service pages, meanwhile, offer “easy, intuitive access for those interested in categories such as Start-ups, Mobile, Gaming and others.”

The marketplace has three key components:items for business professionals, for developers and IT departments.

“Most cloud marketplaces are tied to one specific product offering. If you don’t use the particular service for which the marketplace was built – even if you’re a customer of other products by the same company, that marketplace is irrelevant for you,” SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin said. “But the IBM Cloud marketplace will be available to all IBM and non-IBM customers. Whether you’re using BlueMix, or SoftLayer, or another IBM product, the IBM marketplace will be there to serve you. As a vendor, being able to reach all IBM customers from one place is very exciting.”


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.