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April 29, 2014

Facebook Messenger Update Makes Video, Photo Sharing Easier

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Facebook is capitalizing on the popular trend of communication via photos and videos in its new Messenger update.

The social network has launched a new version of Messenger for iOS that enables video exchanges and faster photo messaging as well as more ways to message.

Facebook has done a mini-redesign of the service to make the different types of sharing the app allows easier to access.

Facebook Messenger

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“Everything’s front and center, so it’s easier to send photos, voice messages and more,” reads the iTunes description of the update.

Other changes include the ability to send videos from your Smartphone camera roll as well as being able to play videos sent to you right in the app.

Instant photo sharing — the ability to take a photo and send it in just one tap, without leaving the conversation — shortcuts to stickers and improved search have also been added.

The new version of Messenger will roll out to Android users later this week.

The changes are likely a bid by the social media firm to encourage more people to use its messaging app. Facebook, earlier this month, disabled chat from its main app and now redirects users to Messenger.

The social media firm has been pushing the app for some time now. In December of 2012, Facebook opened it up so non-Facebook users could sign up for the app using just their name and phone number.

The move was an obvious bid to make Messenger more competitive with SMS and other third-party messaging services that only require a phone number to sign up.

Facebook is putting a lot more emphasis on mobile these days — its recent $19-billion acquisition of popular messaging app WhatsApp proves that.

It is safe to surmise this will not be the last change we see as the social network continues to focus on mobile.

Messenger is available for iOS, Android and Windows.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.