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The Six Biggest Mistakes Brands Make on YouTube

Here are a few mistakes that brands can make on YouTube, including three with actual details of the companies that made the mistakes rather famously. Take the advice below and hopefully you will avoid making such blunders yourself. Here are six of the biggest mistakes that brands can make on YouTube.

1. Strong-arming your customer

Samsung tried to strong-arm a customer whose Samsung Galaxy S4 had caught fire when he left it on charge overnight, which at the time was not unheard of. The user was called GhostlyRich and he made a YouTube video explaining his shock at how this happened. Samsung contacted him and said they would send him another model if he takes down the video and signs an agreement saying he will not mention it again.

So, classically GhostlyRich made another video that went viral as he read out the letter for all the world to hear. He ended his YouTube video by saying he would be switching carriers and ended the video with a parting expletive to Samsung.

2. Lacking family values 

There are two places in the world that rank highest for family values: North America and India. Both are places where a lack of family values is offensive to most people.

This blunder was made by Doritos who had a YouTube video showing a young girl asking her dad to play with her. He was too busy saying that he, “is going to spend time with the guys instead.” The girl then shows him her bag of Doritos, he comes back in, and you see them playing together and dancing around eating Doritos.

So why was there a fuss? Doritos was saying its brand is more important than one’s family or friends. It is still a mystery why a brand would want its image and its product tied to the message that a father needs to be bribed with Doritos to spend time with his daughter.

3. Poor sound quality 

The biggest video killer is not the picture quality and it is not even the script or musical score; it is poor audio. People will quickly switch off a video due to poor audio more than any other reason.

4. Separate ads to appeal to each demographic 

You cannot be all things to all people, especially when limited to one medium. Do not make a video for your young audience, a video for your older audience, etc. The demographics are going to mix on YouTube, and the old people will see the younger persons’ adverts, and vice versa, which will simply alienate both potential customer demographics.

5 . Sexualization of anyone under 20

The Calvin Klein YouTube adverts were not the first to overtly sexualize young people, but their videos did cause a lot of fuss (as did their print campaign). Teens in very little clothing were shown cavorting during the late night hours. The fact that some of the models were so young looking was probably the reason there were so many complaints about just how sexualized these teens were.

6. Posting just to get something out there 

The people that post because they want to keep putting up content and think it gives them more exposure are making a mistake. If you do not have a clear goal and a way of achieving that goal, then you are wasting your time.

As a side note, there is also a trick you can use with a dummy profile. Make a claim that sounds plausible but is so false that people delight in telling you that you are wrong. For example, if you wanted to promote a national health service, you would oppose it with an argument such as “If Stephen Hawkins had had to rely on the U.K. national health system then he would have been dead in his 20s.”

This sounds like a dramatic statement that may convince a lot of people not to support a national health system. That is until you realize Stephen Hawkins really is from the U.K. and persistently praises its national health system for keeping him alive

You would then comment on the video with another profile and make the point about Stephen Hawkins thanking the national health service —you will have made your point.

7. Being racist — even by accident

Racism can happen on YouTube quite unintentionally — that does not lessen the damage, however. A cracker advert, for instance, with the slogan, ‘Crackers love cheese,’ was set in a gym. Three gym mats were in a row and each was emblazoned with the letter K.

Not a good mistake to make!

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  • Completely agree with the mistakes you have mentioned here in this article.

    These are the most common YouTube marketing mistakes which almost every YouTuber make while promoting their video.

    We can’t deny that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine for videos and people love to watch videos on YouTube.

    According to my experience, Quality is the most important factor for a video when promoting it. I have seen so many YouTubers who aren’t maintaining the quality in their videos. They are uploading just crape videos and reducing the YouTube quality.

    They just include a thumbnail banner in the video and start spaming the video without having any real content in it which leaves bad user experience and they fail in promoting them.

    BTW Thanks for putting your efforts to list all the major mistakes here. 😀

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