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May 5, 2014

Top Tips to Help You Brand Your Products Using Memes

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Creating innovative memes is invariably the order of the day with not only hobbyists coming up with viral memes, but companies, too, are making an effort to create successful brands with the support of rib tickling memes.

Mmemes come with no rules and the simple fact that anything goes when it comes to memes is a luxury that is permitted by few other marketing strategies that you may be looking at adopting for your branding and marketing campaigns. But what makes these memes so desirable to companies who wish to create unforgettable brands for their customers? Essentially, when you think of memes, you aim to pick a cultural trend or startling facts and transform them into something that is lighthearted but still packs a punch so as to deliver the right message to the right target audience. Given below are some of the top methods used by professionals to brant their products successfully through memes.

  1. Being swift will work best for your brand or your marketing campaign:
    You need to realize that memes are, essentially, a very important aspect of pop culture and, therefore, its life span may not be as long. There is a certain amount of urgency in the meme designing process, so you must act on your thoughts before a trend dies down, making the content of the meme useless. If you believe that a particular trend has caught pace and is suddenly making news globally, you need to transform that piece of culture into a meme that will work best for your company.
    For instance, one of the most popular trends in the past few weeks has been the infamous selfie taken at the Oscars. Several companies acted upon this trend that went beyond viral and came up with interesting memes following this event. Being aware of current affairs and news making headlines is important so you can design your memes accordingly.
  2. Allot the time and budget after thorough consideration:
    Although memes are an excellent way to get your target audience interested in your company and the services you are willing to offer, you also need to realize there are certain factors, beyond your control, and these need thorough consideration. Your budget, for instance, may not permit you to transform a meme idea into reality and, if you have to wait until you have the money, the timeframe on a particular cultural trend may have passed, leaving the meme with absolutely no impact on your audience.
    If your goal is a more amateurish meme featuring your company employees with minimal cost, you could go ahead with the idea to see how it works. However, if there are several legal procedures involved to procure rights for videos or images, it would be best to look for other ways to market your products.
  3. There must be a call to action: The best way to ensure this is by making sure somewhere in your meme, you include the URL of your company website. This makes it more likely viewers will try to get in touch with for information on your products or services.
  4. When creating memes, it is very important to have your target audience in mind, after all it is for them you are creating the memes in the first place. The memes should be designed in a way that your target audience can relate to and there needs to be a humorous factor as well. The humour and truth in your memes must be used to help build a relationship with your customers that will last.


Jenny Richards is a printing technologist working in the research and development cell of a prominent digital reproduction company. She advises many publishers on matters relating to coffee table book printing; a subject that is a personal passion.