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May 8, 2014

ARM Predicts $20 Smartphones in Near Future

Processors Will Drive Down Costs

The price of Smartphones, if you believe chipset designer ARM Holdings, is going to take a drastic drop.

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

During a recent presentation at a Tech Day event in Austin, TX, ARM revealed its plans for its next-generation of processors coming to Smartphones within the next few months. The device would be simplistic enough to drive the price of the devices down with some models possibly retailing for as little as $20.

“Today the Smartphone is no longer a device for the road warrior, but rather the must have consumer device that is the most personal electronic device that they own, allowing them to manage their online and offline lives,” the company stated on its website.

A declining price for the mobile devices isn’t a new idea. In fact, as reported by FierceWireless, some companies are already Selling smartphones at fairly low prices.

“Mozilla, for instance, is partnering with Shanghai-based Spreadtrum to help drive down the costs of chipsets for Smartphones and make the $25 price point a reality for phones running the Firefox OS,” the site reported.

ARM isn’t a new player when it comes to the technology. It’s been about a year since it introduced its single-core processor. That was one of the leading reasons Lenovo could bring to the market a Smartphone that sells for $60.

Knowing this, coupled with the Mozilla news, the idea of picking up a Smartphone for two $10 bills doesn’t seem so farfetched. One can assume, if that’s the case, other companies will be scrambling to bring similar products out to the public with a gradual move toward just as cost-effective tablets, laptops and other devices.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.