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May 26, 2014

YouTube Working on Better Monetization, Ease of Use for Creators

YouTube instructional designer Cammy Huang-DeVoss talks about improving the Creator Academy.

YouTube is working on some new ways to make its service more user-friendly for content creators and is seeking feedback before the changes go live.

In a new series of ‘Creator Preview’ videos, YouTube explains its ideas — such as allowing creators to crowdfund their content and manage their accounts more easily on-the-go.

Product manager David Kosslyn said YouTube is now attempting to “bring the power” of its creator tools “into the palm of your hand.”

Designer Molly Nix said feedback from YouTube users indicated creators were “struggling a lot with not being able to do basic YouTube management stuff on their phone.”

“We saw this as a really great opportunity for us to build something that you guys can use on the go, and manage your channel anywhere you are,” she said.

The Google-owned company is exploring ways to enmesh user contributions, donations, and crowd funding with its video service. Currently, users must visit third-party sites to contribute to content creators.


YouTube product manager Jehan Ratnatunga talks about better funding options for creators.

Product manager Jehan Ratnatunga, who is also a content creator, indicated the company is hard at work on a funding solution, although he offered no specifics on what avenues are being explored.

YouTube is also “building out the Creator Academy to be a one-stop-shop” that can be accessed “any time or anywhere,” instructional designer Cammy Huang-DeVoss said. Some of the improvements are already in place. Check them out here.

Although its creator mobile app, direct-to-creator fan funding on YouTube, fan-contributed captions to translate content into other languages and royalty-free sound effects in the Audio Library are still in the works to enhance creators’ YouTube experience, there are some other improvements that have already launched such as the ability for cover artists to earn revenue from eligible cover song videos.

“Some of my favorite songs are covers you guys did, now wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually share in the revenue from those videos?” said director of creator product management Matt Glotzbach “Well, for the first time you can. We’re bringing that capability to you.”

Also ready to use are improved comment management and additional royalty-free tracks in the Audio Library.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.