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June 20, 2014

Google Acquires Alpental Technologies, mDialog

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Photo Credit: meneame comunicacions, sl via flickr

Google, it seems is taking its cue from Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, because it sure has been on a spending spree of late.

The technology titan has added wireless startup Alpental Technologies and video advertising company mDialog to the fold as it looks to improve its wireless technology and offer more high quality video options to its advertisers. The financial details for Google’s latest acquisitions have not been made public.

mDialog, which is joining the DoubleClick team at Google, will continue to offer its services to programmers and distributors as usual — at least for now.

mDialog and Google“We’re excited to announce that mDialog is joining the DoubleClick team at Google,” reads a post on the mDialog website.

“Longer term, we’re also very excited about combining mDialog with the DoubleClick platform for publishers. Together, we’re looking forward to offering content creators new and even better ways to make money from their live and on-demand content.”

Google said the acquisition proves its commitment to offering more ways for publishers to monetize live, linear and on-demand video content across all screens.

“This represents the latest of our ongoing investments in helping brands connect with high-quality video content, like Google Partner Select, our new marketplace for premium programmatic video,” reads a Google+ post.

Google has been much more tight-lipped about its acquisition of Alpental Technologies, which it quietly purchased a few weeks ago.

Although a spokesman confirmed yesterday that Alpental’s staff has joined Google, he declined to divulge further details.

According to media speculation, however, the purchase of Alpental may be part of the $1-billion commitment Google made earlier this month to bring Internet to remote areas of the globe.

It is thought Alpental will play an active role in Project Loon, the technology giant’s balloon-powered Internet endeavor to bring the two-thirds of the world’s population with no connection online.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.