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Google Enters Realm of Domain Sales

Pick a name. Build a site. Talk to us.

It’s not as nearly as catchy — or sexy — as those GoDaddy commercials but it seems to be how Google is pitching its newest product: domains.

www_world_wide_webThat’s right, the Internet giant has changed gears in its long-standing position as not a domain store. As of Monday, Google entered the marketplace as a domain seller with the launch of “Google Domains.” The move couldn’t have been timed better, either.

As reported by Tech Crunch, the news comes just a few weeks after GoDaddy filed for the IPO it’s been considering for nearly a decade. Just until recently, GoDaddy had been one of the partners Google recommended.

A click on takes visitors to a fairly bland page stating “Here’s how easy it is to get online.” The page features what appears to be a three-step process with users asked to choose a name for their site, build the site and then “talk” to Google.

It looks, though, as if Google is just dipping its toe in the domain waters. The brief paragraph beneath the “talk to us” step warns that some customers may not fit the bill just yet.

“We aren’t ready for everyone to join yet (you currently need an invitation code to buy or transfer a domain), so we want those who join to play an active role in helping us improve. We’re working hard to offer our customers the best domain experience possible, and we welcome your input, questions and feedback.”

As of now, Google has said it is offering free private registration, free e-mail forwarding, free domain forwarding and support for up to 100 sub-domains.

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  • World needs to get rid of Godaddy. Every year they increase domain renewal fees. I think google has muscle ,technology and financial power to provide better alternative to godaddy.

  • Market competition in any domain is definitely good for the buyer/user and we need to see more services like this emerge. Do you have any update on the service? I wish to join the program