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June 26, 2014

Google Debuts Android Auto for a Smoother Ride

Android director of engineering Patrick Brady introduces Android Auto during a presentation at the I/O developers conference Google is hosting in San Francisco this week.

Is there anything Android can’t do?

Google has launched a version of its popular operating system to help keep people safe while on the road. Dubbed Android Auto, the revamped operating system offers a “simple and intuitive interface,” steering wheel controls and new voice actions — all of which were made to minimize distractions while driving simply by connecting an Android-powered device to a vehicle.

Android AutoAlthough Android Auto runs on users’ Smartphones or tablets, it beams its interface onto a touchscreen located on the vehicle’s dashboard. This then enables the driver to communicate with Android by using the touch screen or, even better, hands-free via voice command.

“Navigation, communication, music … Android Auto puts these front and center so you don’t have to go hunting through a grid of icons to find the apps that are most important to you when you’re in the car,” Android director of engineering Patrick Brady said during a presentation at the I/O developers conference Google is hosting this week in San Francisco.

“Android Auto is contextually aware to give you the right information, right when you need it.”

Android AutoThe OS does this automatically by surfacing useful information and arranging it into cards.

The Android Auto experience will continue to improve with each update or phone upgrade, Brady said.

Android Auto is coming later this year to new vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Kia, Nissan and Jeep to name a few. In all, more than 40 automotive comanies are partnering with Google on the project.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.