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June 26, 2014

Google Fit to Help Users Track Fitness Goals

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Photo Credit: Carlos Luna via flickr

Google has launched its new app to help people stay healthy.

Dubbed Google Fit, the app — which has been in development for quite some time — will enable users to keep track of their fitness goals across a variety of platforms and devices.

“Fit takes away the complexity of handling multiple sources,” Google Play product manager Ellie Powers said.

If users of the new app give their consent, developers will be able to access all online information there is about a user’s health. This, she said, permits the user to “create more comprehensive apps.”

Google said the service will act as a hub for other apps, enabling them to share information. In the case of Nike’s Fuel platform or Adidas, RunKeeper, for instance, those devices would send data to Google Fit.

A pre-release version of the app will be available to test in the next few weeks.

Such a service is nothing new, however.

It is following the lead of both Samsung and Apple, which have already released such products. Apple’s HealthKit, for instance cna track and store a user’s fitness statistics including distance walked or run and their heart rate.

Samsung’s Gear Fit, and Jawbone with its Up brand of activity trackers are also competition for Google.