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Google’s Drive for Tech-World Domination

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Once upon a time, Google was a little search engine with big, big dreams. Today, Google is literally trying to take over the world. From online advertising to self-driving cars, energy trading to cartography, there seems to be no limits to the aspects of technology this corporate behemoth is attempting to completely take over.

Sure, Google is responsible for some insanely useful and creative advancements. Its revenue models literally transformed the internet. But at what point is diversification a downfall? When is Google simply just too big for its – and everyone else’s – own good?

Google’s rivalry with Facebook has been another driving force in its near-constant evolution. From direct competition in the social networking space through Google+ to full-on assaults in the advertising arena, we can thank this spirit of competition for bringing about more and more useful tools and innovations.

Let’s examine the areas big and small that Google is attempting to dominate (and almost always successfully) – then you be the judge if this once singularly-focused company has perhaps expanded beyond any reasonable capacity to keep it real.

Search and Advertising

Advertising has always been at the very core of the company’s structure, and it’s still the bread and butter that drives Google forward. All those searches would be irrelevant to Google if it hadn’t mastered the art of online ads. Here are the many facets of their digital ad domination:

  1. AdWords – the text-based ad system that is the backbone of their search platform
  2. AdSense – the software program responsible for delivering the ads across the web
  3. AdMob – the heart of Google’s mobile advertising business
  4. DoubleClick – the family of ad management tools targeted at ad buyers

At the end of 2013, advertising still made up 95% of Google’s revenues. If Google did nothing else, it would still be a tremendous success.

Office and Map Applications

Next up, Google is also well-known for its suite of productivity tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar. Simply called Google Apps, these programs are becoming more and more popular amongst online businesses. This is also a space that Google has clearly mastered.

Speaking of domination, Google Maps is also the most widely used map app as well. They have been fiercely innovative as a mapping company, adding invaluable features like Street View to the digital mapping experience. Google Earth takes people on a 3D journey of the planet, and Panoramio aims to create a 3D map of every street in the world. If that isn’t enough exploration for you, take a trip around Google Mars.

Mobile Technologies

Android phones have officially given the iPhone a run for the money, and Google’s aggressiveness in the mobile space was most highlighted when they purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion dollars. This purchase is another example that Google is not afraid to play in the hardware space, despite their unprecedented success in software production. This is also a trend that’s not likely to dissipate.

Operation Systems and Hardware

In addition to the most popular mobile operating system in the world, the formidable Android, Google also runs Google Chrome, including the Chrome OS. And now they’re in the hardware game too, having released the Chromebook to much fanfare. In other words, if you desired to have all your devices run exclusively on Google – both hardware and software – your wish has now been granted. But is that really a good thing?

Publishing Platforms

Google was an early adopter to online publishing, launching Blogger in the very early days (wisely so, as it’s another obvious place to serve millions of ads.) Google Sites aids folks in website publication, and Picasa, also now owned by Google, is one of the largest photo sharing sites.

The Video Capital of the World

Google is the proud owner of YouTube, which means it clearly dominates online video too. The latest news is that Google is working on building their own TV network too, which would expand their entertainment stronghold exponentially, even past the current Google TV streaming service.

Shopping and Payment Portals

Since it’s not a company looking to be left out of any corner of the web, Google plays in the online shopping space as well. Google Play is their app store, and if the current trend continues, it will also become a full-fledged shopping portal. Google Wallet is their popular payment processor, used not only across the internet, but increasingly in brick and mortar shops as well.

Social Networking and Communications

Whether or not you deem it successful, Google+ has made quite an impression. It may not be the Facebook killer the company dreamed of, but it’s become an integral SEO tool and a popular hangout for many niche communities.

Google Voice has taken on long distance companies, with market share increasing every month. They’ve even hopped into the actual fiber optics space with Google Fiber.

Expanding the Edges of Technology

As if all of the above isn’t enough, Google wants to own the future as well. Google Glass has received scads of mixed press, but one thing’s for certain: it’s already a game changer. Add to that self-driving cars, space elevators, and even teleportation exploration, and it’s obvious Google is not playing small. This is a company that wants to redefine technology, on every level.

So, the question is – has Google gone too far into the world of technological innovation? Are they too big, or perhaps the most influential company in our lifetime? Or both?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section.

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Tina Courtney

Conscious online marketer, web executive, and multi-faceted writer Tina Courtney has been creating and fostering online innovations since 1996. Tina has assisted many clients in maximizing online production and marketing efforts, and is a staff writer for SiteProNews, one of the Web’s foremost webmaster and tech news blogs. She’s produced and marketed innovative content for major players like Disney and JDate, as well as boutique startups galore, with fortes including social media, SEO, influencer marketing, community management, lead generation, and project management. Tina is also a certified Reiki practitioner, herbalist, and accomplished life coach.  Learn more on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Visit My Google+ Profile


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  • Google needs to find ways to generate revenue that help the rest of us make money too. When it’s all about them, they become worth less to the rest of us. When they try to strangle the competition by ruining the ranking of other websites (which is all Google really is) they become evil and may need to be broken up or restrained. That’s just my opinion, who knows, I could be right.

  • Hi Tina Courtney-Brown.

    How are you? i hope you will b fine and good. I read you article. Realy realy very Great article writen by you.

    thankx to sharignw ith us

  • Google in starting is same as I small business with big dreams which came true with time and their hard work in every field by facilitating the human being.
    Its a nice post about the achievement of Google.

  • Who Knows, In Future Google may assist Antichrist Indirectly by its technological innovation.

  • Ever seen the Canadian TV series Continuum? I suggest you check it out, it’s about a dark fascist future where a megalithic tech company controls the world and everyone in it. Based on Google perahps?

  • Nice post. Yes Google gone too far into the world of technological innovation….and the online business is dependent on google.
    Thanks for the share

  • Google’s underbelly, it’s advertising programs, such as AdWords, could be the company’s undoing. As they move from an organic search engine to a paid one, they are going to have increasing problems getting small-to-medium businesses to sign up unless they change from a pay-per-click model to something more resembling traditional advertising. My clients have rejected AdWords flatly because of the excessive cost for bidding on keywords, the fact the costs accrue each month, and the overall uncertainty of how much they have to budget for AdWords. With traditional advertising, they know what they are spending each week, each month, each year, and can budget for it. AdWords needs to do the same thing, or else they could wind up leaving themselves vulnerable to a advertising system that does. Google’s AdWords model is very flawed, and could be their undoing unless they move in the direction of traditional advertising.

  • I’m with the two people that wrote against Google. I am of the same ilk. I am a small to med sized biz. We have had great success over the years on-line… we got in early in the mid 90’s, but now as Google monetizes their model more and more and more, and makes every biz on the planet pay them more and more for any kind of result… Organic is dead! they are driving all but the largest business’s out. You really think Google shopping is a good thing? They sucker you into giving them your full product line, but then make you pay them to show it to people. What?! Insane. Anyway, as far as straight advertising goes,think about it, it is the yellow pages and high priced radio and TV spots all over again. I hated traditional advertising and the phone book and was so excited to see this new thing called the Internet where the little guy could compete head to head against any company of any size, now it is gone… unless you pay Google all of your profits to be seen. Not good for a healthy competitive market at all. I guess it is an open market, though and they are doing what any company would do as all companies are profit driven, but after such a great, smart, and fair start, they have really alienated me as they burry us further and further down below all of the fat cat ads. The pendulum has certainly swung and now there is a big sharp blade on end of it and small business is tied down to the table underneath it!

  • As a general contractor we use google regularly and optimize our sites for google. We use google hangouts for communication, drive for storage, google search for research, and more.

    Microsoft use to be #1 for businesses but google is making it much easier.

    A proud supporter of google taking over the world! but not a fan of android.

  • When a company does well for itself that’s something good. It’s encouraging to other entrepreneurs and helps drive the world to better things. Without companies pushing us forward we wouldn’t have the opportunities we do today. Go Google!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what they have developed next. Over the years Google has given us so many wonderful and FREE TO USE things. As a company Google Docs has made it so we don’t have to pay for form software. It works and works well. We pay in information…but get a lot of use and growth.

    Thanks Google for helping us grow with a small budget. Even the little business has a chance to grow when others like Google help pave the way.

  • Thanks, everyone, for the fantastic commentary and suggestions! Much appreciated across the board 🙂

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