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How to Write SEO Content for Google Panda 4.0: Requirements

The world of SEO content writing has once again been brought into line with the introduction by Google of its Panda 4.0. Primarily, Panda is an innovative technique, designed to eradicate short and duplicated content material. For any content writing service it means ensuring their content is not only audience-friendly, but crucially, Panda-friendly.

The first and critical awareness, must be directed at writers avoiding any duplicated content and, instead, concentrating on providing subject matter that is unique and of a high quality. It could mean that the short-cut action of “spinning” articles will be influenced. The originality demanded by Panda 4.0 makes it mandatory to produce interesting and stimulating reading, related to the subject.

This overall service enhancement will benefit the vast online audience, by providing them with original website content writing without intrusive, irrelevant material that could be construed, as misleading. In addition, all pages should have original title tags and Meta descriptions, with the further, recommended enhancement of using images and videos when appropriate.

Google Panda 4.0, which was officially released in May, has the purpose of reducing thin content, which has minimal or no value. This is designed to protect consumers from landing on a page of no value.

Professional SEO writers are aware of the need to produce copy to meet the demands of the search engines, with a composition of at least 300 unique words, if they want to attain high rankings. This is not a rule written in stone, but the purpose of audience connection, as well as SEO, should be kept in mind.

The implications of Panda 4.0 are that Google has different objectives in identifying websites and it will take a content writing service time to determine how it will impact, either positively or in a negative perspective. One important aspect that could make a significant difference is by SEO agencies being employed to audit websites and their content.

Should due care and attention not be given to the new Panda 4.0, then many online marketers, among others, could see their website rankings decline at a rapid rate. This could be regarded as a critical revision in the Google algorithm process and follows the 24 updates that have been implemented since 2011, which saw the launch of Panda on the Internet world.

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Caitlin Miner

Caitlin Miner is a passionate blogger and writer. She has been creating content on various business topics since 2011 and the captivating final content copy is the goal she is always striving to achieve.

Interests: SEO, SEO-friendly writing.


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  • After google panda 4.0 update content is the king of website ranking and high quality link is the queen of the improve the ranking in search engine. thanks you for share best idea for the content writer according to google panda 4.0.

  • Google panda really gives high value to content. People who always expecting quality contents while they are searching for a specific topic.

  • Your article really awesome but i have read some article from internet world and i realize that “500 words” are good for SEO. I am confused please guide me which one is right 300 words or 500 words?

    • Normally it should be 300. At least so we are advised by top notch SEO leaders like MOZ. I work in WordPress with Yoast and 300 words are the limit. If you can write more words it is very good, that only counts as a plus. I have another question. If I write daily or almost daily posts in facebook, will it count the same the links and the words number or not? It should matter the same, or at elast I think so.

  • I agree the SEO Services and Chandana Sharma. After the Panda updates and other rules imposed by Google , the whole SEO activity is taking a turn among the digital media companies. Good piece of information.

  • Hello Caitlin Miner !!
    Your article is very informative.. I agree with writing quality content instead of quantity but at least you content word count should not be less than 500 words…

  • content is still the king of search engines and the site itself, the panda is more good look at the content to the user experience, thank you very nice post

  • If you want to never worry about Pandas and Penguins, use organic white hat and follow the rules.

    If you want to rank, be super relevant for the keywords and phrases you want to rank for.

    Nix the extraneous info that only serves to fluff up your content. If you’re selling birds, don’t talk about fish too. Put fish info on another page of the site.

  • Creating content that will pass Googles spam filter is not hard, just type for people rather than search engines. In other words, don’t keyword stuff, ensure you are on topic and that your content is logical. Correct Grammer also helps.

  • Writing a Content is not a difficult way , But how to write a SEO optimize content that is the way , because mostly people think about copyscape. They use some phrase and synonymous and other tactics to make the content original as they can make. But some of the bloggers and professional person take care of keywords and long tail keywords , to make content more juicy and rich post in ( ranking and originality) . Because google love quality. and I think that if you work with quality no one can beat you up in your work

  • Some clients read all this misinformation that really confuse and offer no real solutions. Create content about your product or service period and it will be relevant.

  • After Google panda 4.0 update content is king. Now use content is panda-friendly. All pages should have original title tags and Meta descriptions.Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Caitlin,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. SEO is one of the most important and crucial factor in blogging and with regular update of google algorithm, SEO become quite difficult. Quality content is very important.

  • It is the great post I’ve ever read. Thank for such interesting article.

  • We all worry about to updates from Google but it really does provide a better search result.

    It keeps us all on our toes to make sure we are always delivering the best content possible. After all, a search user wants quality information so it is a win for them and a win for our websites.

  • Creating content that will pass Googleès spam filter is not hard, just write for people rather than search engines. In other words, don’t keyword stuff. Ensure you are on topic and that your content is logical. Correct Grammer also helps.

  • We are really grateful for your blog post. You will find a lot of approaches after visiting your post. Great work.

  • That is an extremely smart written article. Well these techniques are very useful and amazing, I think everyone should need to read this post and learn effective ways step by step for increasing blog traffic.

  • It is the greatest post I’ve ever read. Thank for such an interesting article.

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