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July 4, 2014

The 18 Most Important Features in iOS 8

Apple has made available iOS 8 but, as of now, only the developers are able to get a taste of it. It will only be available to general users when the open beta version is rolled out. Apple, for the very first time, will be allowing onscreen keyboards from a third party and you will be able to access widgets from the notification center only. Apart from these two features, Apple has launched a programming language of its own — called the Swift. It received huge appreciation during the WWDC opening keynote, even from If you are thinking that Apple doesn’t have anything to offer you and me, then think again! The beta software has some important features to offer. Here is a list of changes that will enhance your everyday use.

  1. Onscreen Keyboard – Apple has made way for a third-party keyboard which is quite a popular trend in Android phones. It has also upgraded its own keyboard by introducing predictive typing where you will receive several options for the word that you are about to enter.
  2. iCloud Photo Library – Currently you can store 1,000 photos from your Apple device without being charged a fee but, with the new iCloud Photo Library, you will be able to store photos up to 5GB for free and you can always get extra storage for $0.99 each month up to a maximum of 1TB.
  3. New features in iOS 8 camera – If you have been using iOS devices, then you already know how easy it is to use the camera app because of the user-friendly interface. Now it will be even better with two more options: a video purpose time lapse capture and a three-second timer.
  4. Continuity – A new feature has been introduced, namely Handoff with the help of which you can start a task on your Mac and complete it on your iPhone. AirDrop will also work just fine between Macs and iPhones due to this continuity feature.
  5. Family sharing – This is a great option for parents to keep track of what their kids are downloading using their credit cards. It allows up to six people to share all the contents that have been downloaded from iTunes.
  6. Upgrades in messages too – iOS 8 users can now send audio messages or video messages to friends and family by picking up the phone and recording their voice. If you are tired of group messages, then you can use Do Not Disturb. You can also share the location that you are in with the person with whom you are conversing.
  7. Apps’ TouchID – It all started with iPhone 5S and iOS 8 will take it one step further, making it convenient for developers. Developers can now allow their users to unlock a stored password in keychain simply by putting their fingers on reader.
  8. Health App – This new platform will allow its users to store all fitness and health data in one place. It is also trying to rope in some health-care providers who will be able to do something with the data collected to help the users get some preventive medicine.
  9. Contacts on app screen – Now calling contacts has been made easier than ever by displaying contacts right on top of the apps screen.
  10.  New Siri features – Siri is active all the time, so you just need to call out ‘Hey Siri’ and then ask it to carry out a function
  11.  iCloud Drive – This will allow you to store PDFs from your e-mail right on the iPhone and at the same time it will also allow this service to your Dropbox or Google drive.
  12.  App suggestions on Lock screen – You will get a new icon on the lock screen similar to that of the App store whenever you pass by something linked to a top-100 app.
  13. Widgets – Though Android has done it for years, iOS 8 is now offering it to its users as well. Widgets now appear in the notification center.
  14. Interactive notifications – If you are in the middle of something, but also need to send in a message, pulling down the banner will allow you to type in a short message and send it from there only. Again, if you do not want to answer a call then swipe left and to dismiss it.
  15. Weather Channel – If you are looking for a genuine report on the weather, then you can trust the weather channel. It gets its information from Yahoo.
  16.  Spotlight results – Now, when you are searching for something on your iPhone, you will get results from Wikipedia as well as from the Apps Store and iTunes, enabling you to enjoy a wide range of search results.
  17.  Indicates the battery usage – Battery has always been the problem area for iPhone users, but now with a battery usage indicator, you will be able to manage battery life. You can also make changes in the settings to maximize your battery usage.
  18.  Full feature Safari – In iOS 8 Safari is on full throttle giving you more flexible private browsing. It allows you to keep separate tabs for regular tabs so it doesn’t interfere with your private browsing.


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