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July 7, 2014

BlackBerry Q10, Q5, Z30 Win Design Awards

BlackBerry’s sales numbers may not be stellar, but the device themselves must be — the Canadian firm has won three Red Dot Awards for its Q10, Q5 and Z30 Smartphones.

The Red Dot Design Awards, courtesy of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, is an internationally renowned product competition in which a 40-member expert panel evaluates entrants. This year, there were 4,815 entries from 53 countries. The Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three categories: product design, communication design and design concept.


The BlackBerry Z30

“We pride ourselves on industrial design that is simple and intuitive in functionality, while maintaining iconic and familiar elements such as our keyboard and productivity-based user experience,” said BlackBerry senior industrial designer Brian Paschke.

“While our Smartphones have evolved over time, we remain focused on being highly detail oriented in order to deliver modern and high quality devices.”

This is not the first Red Dot award to be won by BlackBerry. It also won an award last year for its touchscreen Z10.

Professor and doctor Peter Zec, CEO of Red Dot, said only the best devices are awarded by the jury.

“This is especially reflected in the percentage of successful entries in the Red Dot Award, which is much smaller in contrast to other international design competitions,” he said.

“Therefore, the winners can be proud of their achievements – with their entries; they stood out from the rest and were able to pass the test in front of the critical eyes of the experts. This success will be perceptible during the Red Dot Gala, when the laureates will receive the recognition of the international audience.”


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.