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July 22, 2014

A Smart Toilet Paper Roll? You Bet

Technology really is everywhere.

Now, even toilet paper is going high tech thanks to RollScout, a Smart toilet paper holder that lets you know before you sit down that you are all out of TP.

feacc14d2382259dcf987a264a81a0ef_largeThe 100 percent pure brass fixture — with its flashing warning light when there is not enough toilet paper left on the roll — is currently the subject of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter with a $37,5000 goal.

RollScout uses infrared emitters and sensors to monitor the amount of toilet paper on the roll. When the amount of toilet paper dips below a set “threshold,” RollScout’s warning system — a pulsing ring of amber light — kicks in. It can be seen even in daylight conditions.

A ‘low duty cycle’ algorithm is used to maximize the battery life of the device.

“Simply put, RollScout wakes up once every few minutes to activate its sensors for a fraction of a second,” reads the Web page. “If there is nothing to report, it goes back to sleep. If a warning is needed, it stays awake and checks every few seconds until the toilet paper roll is replaced. Under normal use, a battery will last nine to 12 months. RollScout has a low battery warning that glows blue.”

Those who contribute $59 to the campaign will receive a RollScout in polished chrome, antique bronze or brushed nickel while those who submit at least $79 will receive a premium edition ceramic white device. For a $150-plus donation, the reward is a 14K gold device.

The campaign runs for another 28 days.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.